Monday, November 1, 2010

Learning.... And Loving It!

Take a look into our mornings:
  • After breakfast we get dressed, brush our teeth, fix our hair and then say our morning prayers. Then it is off to school in the playroom!
  • We do the calendar (day of the week, weather)
  • We go over Catechism questions
  • We read our new words for the week
  • We go over whatever math lesson is on the board for the week (numbers, shapes, etc.)
  • We go over our Bible lesson and Bible verse for the month
  • We go over all of our memorized Bible verses
During all of this Jayce is doing some independent play time (exosaucer, play gym, floor with toys)
  • Quiet reading time for Lula Mae (20 minuets)
I spend some play time with Jayce if he seems ready for some attention. If he is content playing and exploring I clean up the kitchen a bit (wash bottles and cups, make bottles for the day)
  • Table time for worksheets or workbooks (right now we are working on simple math concepts and phonics)
  • Group reading time
Time to put Jayce down for a nap while Lula Mae watches Sesame Street so Mommy can finally take a breath! Our school is over for the most part, but we will work on other things throughout the day while we play!

Our mornings feel busy, but it is well worth it. With every day that passes I know that I am training and teaching my children. Do I wish I could just sit down and relax while Lula Mae plays and Jayce swings? Sometimes. But I would be robbing them of so much. There are days when I just want to play with them, so I do. Even when we play, we learn and explore. On the days when we have errands to run, I still try to make it fun and educational. I point out shapes in nature or words and colors in the store. I never want to stop teaching my kids. If I don't teach them, who will? Who else has more interest in them than I do? More than anything, I want to keep up with their hearts. Being with them and truly spending time with them is the only real way to do that. My life is centered around God and raising my kids for Him and I wouldn't have it any other way!


Rachel said...

I'm sure Lula Mae appreciates and loves it just as much too!

HeatherOz said...

You are a role model! You do so much for your kids!! They are going to be the smartest kids in town too!