Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photo Shoot Time!

Around this time if year I can't seem to put my camera down! Okay, I lied. I take tons of pictures no matter what time of year it is. Although I do think it gets worse around the holidays. I wanted to go ahead and have a photo shoot with the kids for Christmas cards. I know it is early, but sometimes we require multiple shoots to get anything worth editing. Luckily this shoot was a success! I am happy to announce that we will have a great card this year! Here are some of the pictures!


Rachel said...

I would totally hug them through the screen if I could!

You got some awesome pictures - love those smiles!

Brandi said...

Awww, you did get fabulous pics!!! Lula Mae looks so adorable in her little dress and Jayce's sweater/romper is super duper cute!

BTW, I just realized I've been reading Jayce's name wrong. haha! It's Jayce... like Chase, huh?? I've been reading it like Jay-see. I'm such a dork. Both of your kids have really unique names. And, I mean unique-cool. Not unique-weird. ;)

So, do you think you could get my kids to sit still? I NEED some decent pics for our cards! LOL!

HeatherOz said...

Oh my gosh those are soooooooo great! The one of Lula Mae kissing Jayce is sooooo precious! Way to go!

Tiffany said...

Ok. Please kiss your kids for me. Because those photos are STINKIN ADORABLE!!!!!!!

What is it like getting children to take photos without having it turn into a wrestling match?

Heather said...

cutie patooties. end of story.