Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Excuse Me While My Head Explodes

This could get ugly, so beware. I just can't focus enough to really "write a post" so I am about to unload all that which I have in my brain at this very moment in one ginormous mess of a post. Here we go, please try to enjoy....

  • Apparently we may be moving. It is quite a confusing situation (in a good way) so I don't want to get into details yet. Just know that we are kinda busy these days and are gearing up for a possible move. Pray that God will guide us to make the right decisions.
  • I am going to do some Christmas shopping tomorrow and I am excited. Honestly I am going to be doing all of my shopping. I can't stand it lingering over my head.
  • I have been clearing out clutter through the house and attic. It feels so good. Now, I am all about making a few bucks, but I get a thrill donating things. No offense to people who have yard sales, but I am a big believer in donation. I know that God has provided for us and is going to keep providing for us. We are blessed. Why must American's sell everything for a profit? Just give it to someone in need.
  • I am not even going to try to actually potty train Lula Mae until after the possible move. If we don't move, I will put her into big girl panties right after Christmas. Charlie will have a good bit of time off so I want to do it then. I'm telling you, once I put her in panties we are done. I am not going back and forth between diapers and panties. We may have to clean up lots and lots of messes, but I don't want to confuse her by going back and forth. Wish me luck folks. Perhaps she will be ready when I am.... here's hoping!
  • There is a thin line between loving and hash discipline. There are many times when disciple is necessary in parenting. Lately Lula Mae has shown me that I am not doing a good job walking that line. "Mommy please stop right now" (in a less than favorable tone). Even though I am using nice words, my tone is far from appropriate. I am determined to treat my children the way I want them to treat me. Their little ears always hear me. Their little eyes always see me. Their little minds are soaking everything in and I want them to soak in godly qualities from me.
  • I am so far behind on bloggy love and I am sorry. I promise I am reading and keeping up with all of you, but I am just so buried beneath myself that I am unable to comment on some things. I promise I will make it up to you! I promise!!!! You all know I love you and appreciate you!!!!
And now, nap time is over and I must go. There are babies to be fed, dinner to prep, a house contract to sign, cookie dough to eat (did I just say that?), diaper bags to pack for small group tonight.... and the list keeps going! See why my head is exploding??? I am so grateful to have a God who gives me strength through everything. See you soon bloggy world, and hopefully with a much better post to share!


Brandi said...

Whoa! Nothing like contemplating a move during the holiday season to make you crazy! I hope everything will work out wonderfully for you guys. :)

BB is close to potty training and I'm just not looking forward to it. I was talking to another bloggy friend who is potty training and she's going the potty boot camp route. I've never done it like that, but I may just give him some undies and say that's it kid! ;)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about wanting to get all of the Christmas shopping done early. I already have about half of ours done and I'm hoping to get at least 75% done before Thanksgiving. :-)

It is sobering to realize that my children learn more from watching me than what I tell them.

~ Carrie ~

Sarah said...

Praying for you and for your family Amy! I hope you're not moving away.

I too, am seeing lately the little things that slip past me and come out on my children. It's something we have to be aware of constantly. It makes me amazed at how calm and patient I always remember my mom being.

Tiffany said...

Oh good golly woman! You just made my head spin! How in the world do you find time to write anything?

Have fun with the potty training thing.... ours is.... interesting...twitch....twitch....

And I wont even talk about the Christmas shopping - I have no ideas. Havent even gone there yet.

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

Praying for you and your family!

Try, I have found many online deals for Christmas presents there.

I also joined Ebates. If you shop online they have coupons to use and cashback on the things you purchase.

Potty training is no fun. My Princess had an accident for the first time in about 1 1/2 weeks. So, it is still a process.

I need prayer for my tone of voice too. I want to be a good mommy with a Christ like attitude. I need help though.

We'll pray for each other ;)

Amy said...

You ladies are all so wonderful!

Way to go wholesomewomanhood on your Christmas shopping! I usually go and do all my shopping in January when they mark everything down, but being pregnant with Jayce this year I did not want to do that! You will be finished before you know it! I hope you are finding some great deals!

Sarah, we are not moving away :-) Funny thing is, we are moving like a mile up the road!

Thanks for the prayers you guys! They are so much appreciated! Only a Mom after God's own heart can understand my tone issue. So glad to have you guys to share with and pray for!

Heather said...

I really like your head intact...k thanks.

Rachel said...

WOW - so much going on! Wishing you smooth transitions and cooperative kids! :)

Emmy said...

Good luck with the possible move. And with potty training! If she is really resisting and fighting it then it is okay and probably best to take a break then try again.

I haven't even figured out what I am getting people yet, so great job!

HeatherOz said...

Hang in there Busy Girl! Maybe wear a helmet to help keep your brains from exploding! LOL