Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Missing Piece

There is a blog world puzzle among us dear followers. My sweet Rachel is on the brink of an "Ah Ha!" moment everyone. Let me explain before you are all confused. Here are the pieces to the puzzle:

My name is Amy and I am the writer of this blog (Captain Obvious is my super hero name!)

Heather is the writer of Reach In, Reach Out, Reach Up which is a blog that I follow

I recently went to Savannah Georgia on a lovely trip

Heather also went to Savannah and had a great time (minus the camera and contact solution)

Rachel is awesome and happens to follow both mine and Heather's blog

When I got home from my fantastic trip to Savannah I posted some lovely pictures of the historic city

Heather posted this when she returned from her trip to Savannah:

do a happy dance...

...because I'm back! I know I left you for 4 whole days with a pretty deep post. I am sorry about that. My mother-in-law and her three sisters and my cousin-in-laws (one who happens to be my friend Amy) all went to Savannah, GA for a long weekend get together. I can't post pictures as of yet because I may or may not have forgotten my camera. And my contact solution. I'll post pics later when I steal them from her (because I need to delete an impromptu photo shoot on her camera anyway...) To sum up our trip: coffee + laughing + shopping + walking + desserts + food + no boys = weekend in Savannah with seven women! I'll be back to my regularly scheduled posting asap ;) PS - I didn't suddenly become uber-popular on my last post. I joined ICLW, which is on my sidebar, you should check it out!

Rachel left this comment on Heather's post (because Rachel is the best at leaving comment love):

One of my friends just posted pictures of her Savannah trip and I am uber jealous of how beautiful it looks! So glad you had a fun trip!

Rachel, get ready.....

Heather & Amy... in Savannah, GA... together!

Yep, we went to Savannah together! We are best of buds and are actually related. Heather is married to my cousin (brother is more appropriate) Eric. So folks, there you have it. This puzzling Savannah trip mystery has been solved!

Rachel, my favorite part is that you referred to me as your friend. That touches me! You are such a wonderful blogging buddy and I hope someday we can see one another face to face! I am already trying desperately to plan a trip Colorado to visit the lovely Tiffany, so perhaps then we can work something out!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Letters Of Intent

Is Friday not great? The weekend is so close you can taste it and of course, Letters of Intent. If you are in need of a pick me up, be sure to hop on over to Julie's blog to read more great letters! Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Dear Father Time,

I feel as though you need a vacation. You are just working so hard these days and I would hate for you to overwork yourself. Especially with the holidays coming you should really watch your work load. How does a 50 year cruise sound? Too much? What about a 15 day cruise? Wouldn't it be nice to pamper yourself on a luxurious Mediterranean cruise? I think you would love it. It would be so relaxing. I think it would be the perfect thing to help you get your mind off of work. I bet you will want to just take two, back to back. Let me just say, I am totally okay with that. So what do you say? Wait, wait, wait don't answer right away because it's a big decision. You know what, I will just have the travel agent call you.


Can't Catch Up


Dear Lula Mae,

You are so smart and you blow my mind on a daily basis. Why then dear will you not pee in the potty? You are such a big girl and you must start using the potty. I know you understand the concept because of our many conversations that go something like this:

(sound of peeing in the potty)

Lula Mae: "Oh, great job Mommy! You're a big girl using the potty! Yay! You get a sticker! Great job!"

Me: "Awww thanks sweetie. Do you want to use the potty like Mommy?"

(dead silence)

You are a great encourager and I love you for that, but it does not change the fact that you are still peeing and pooping in a diaper. Remember that one time when you peed right beside the potty? That was close. Next time try sitting on the potty. Honey, we gotta get this down, okay? I am starting to worry that you will wear diapers forever. I don't want to have to buy you Depends dear child.


Mommy Who Knows You Can Potty Like A Big Girl And That You Are Just Being Stubborn Which Is So Like You....


Dear Readers/Followers/Those Lurking In The Shadows,

That story you all want to hear about Charlie accidentally misplacing our youngest offspring is coming. I am saving it for True Story Tuesday. So, if you are just itching to hear the not-so-exciting story, be sure to check out Rachel at Once Upon A Miracle this Tuesday! Also, take a moment and look at my number of followers..... 30!!!!! Whoop whoop!!!! Is that not exciting??? And guess what, I love every single one of you!!!!


Your Blogging Buddy

Savannah Picture Walk

Before we get started I just have to say.... YOU ARE READING MY 200th POST!!!! Get excited!!!! You may now continue on to the regularly scheduled post! You may want to grab a snack or cup of coffee for this one guys. It's long, but I refrained from adding my 2 cents on each picture. Although, I wanted to. Really bad. Anyhoo, enjoy your tour of beautiful Savannah Georgia! I have to say, I would love to live there... and one day when I hit the lottery I will! Lets not hold our breath though *sigh*.

Savannah Dan aka The Best Dressed Man In Savannah

Savannah River (with the Peacemaker ship docked... more on that below!)

Paula Dean's restaurant. We wanted to eat there but did not feel like standing in line for an hour or so just to get a reservation. Next time we will, but this time it just wasn't happening.

Since I wasn't able to eat at The Lady and Sons, I went inside the gift shop attached to it and took a picture of the buffet. I wish you had smell-o-puters cause it smelled phenomenal.

My Mom, Sister and I

We had a banana tree out in front of our house.

The Sisters

There is a pretty amazing story behind this boat. You can read all about it here.

This is me on the Peacemaker. It's a pretty big deal for me to be on a boat so enjoy this picture please! Until my husband drugs me and takes me on a cruise this will be the last picture of me on a boat!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Me In All My Forrest Gump Glory

So, I love Forrest Gump. All-time-favorite-movie. I mean, I am borderline in love at an unhealthy level. That being said, I feel the need to share with you some of my favorite pictures from our trip to Savannah.

Here I am standing where Forrest Gump's infamous bench once sat. I was super excited to get this picture! I may or may not have forced Heather to put herself in harms way to get this photo. She may or may not have had to stand in the road to get this shot. She may or may not have had to stand on two separate street corners to try to get a better shot..... I'm just being hypothetical. Perhaps someday I will learn to suck in when full body pictures are being taken!

As you can tell, they have changed the area quite a bit. Then again, Forrest Gump is 16 years old. Google

This is the steeple that they dropped the feather off of in the movie.
Can you see what a gorgeous day it was while we were touring such a lovely city!

This is me, looking like a dork. Please excuse my excited face. it really isn't the best look, but I just couldn't hold back. Why? Well, in the visitors center museum they have the bench from Forrest Gump. Now, we were too cheap to buy tickets to go through the museum, so I just stood at the gate and drooled. And obviously took fantastically dork-ish pictures. You have too really look through the gate, into the darkness, to even see the bench.

You may can see it better here, I cropped myself out so that I wasn't so distracting. It may help. Notice there were ropes around the bench too. Had they allowed you to sit on the bench I would have paid the money to go in! In a skinny minuet!

So, there are all my Forrest Gump pictures. Oh don't worry, there are real pictures to come. I promise! I will try not to add captions to the next post. That way you can just browse through and see the beauty without me adding my 2 cents to everything.

Happy hump day bloggy buddies!

Monday, October 25, 2010


I just got back from a "woman-cation". We went to a beautiful historic city and had a great time. I am tired, oh so tired, but it was very worth it. This my dear readers is your warning... your warning that there are quite a few pictures coming. So get ready. Although, the pictures don't show the beauty of Savannah. You just can't capture that kind of beauty in a picture. So now that I am home I will be catching up on all of your wonderful blogs and getting back into the swing of things.

Here is a sneak peak! Please note that am NOT a great photographer and am well aware of that! Don't critique my pictures because you may make me cry. Plus, I just don't really care. I just like taking pictures!

To everyone who wants to hear the story about how the Hubster momentarily forgot our son in Lowes, that story is coming! Just be on the look out!

Ahhhhhh, it is so nice to be home. My couch is oh so comfy! My babies were also quite stoked to see me again... and I was just as happy to see their sweet little faces!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Letters Of Intent

Happy Friday bloggy friends! I hope you all had fabulous weeks and are looking forward to a great weekend! First though, lets enjoy some wonderful Letters Of Intent, hosted by the super fantastic Julie! Be sure to swing by her blog and fill up your laugh tank!

Dear Hydrangea,

We had to dig you up. You just didn't make it. I promise we did everything we could. I really am sorry. To help us grieve your loss, we replaced you with a pretty yellow rose. I am crossing my fingers that I don't kill it too..... I mean that it doesn't randomly die too. for no particular reason. But, we all know I could kill kudzu.... so it isn't looking good for the pretty little thing. You may see it soon, in plant heaven!


Your Owner Who Is Still VERY Sorry That I Killed You


To Anyone In The Television Industry,

Really? It can't get much worse at this point. Vanilla Ice flipping houses? Oh wait, there is worse.... Southern Fried Stings... on TrueTV. Number one, how can a fake show be on "TrueTV" it seems impossible. Number two, the rest of the world already things southerners are dumb as dirt.... there really is no need to create a show that portrays us as utter morons. That show is actually a little bit worse than Operation Repo. Is there any way that you could come up with some shows that don't cause people to lose brain cells? I mean, anything? And we wonder what is wrong with young people today!


Waiting For My Contract to Run Out So We Can Get Rid Of Idiotic Television


Dear Hubster,

After the experience last night at Lowe's I am quite worried about leaving today. Please try not to leave Jayce somewhere. I know he is new to our family, but HE'S YOUR SON! While I am away, try not to misplace one of our offspring, would ya? That would be fantastic! I'm excited to enjoy this tip, but I am slightly nervous to leave. No seriously, I know you will do a fantastic job! I am gonna miss you guys very much! Be good!


Your Wife Who Is Never Gonna Let You Live This Down


When this Ninja Mommy actually finds time to make herself a sandwich for lunch, what is the only thing she doesn't eat? The crusts. I guess the 6 days of only-eating-crusts-for-lunch makes them unappetizing that one day when I actually get my very own sandwich.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Giving Tree

Have you ever read The Giving Tree? Perhaps when you were a child, or maybe to your children. Now, I mean have you ever really read it? If you are thinking "Yeah I think I remember that book" then you haven't really read it. If you really read it, it will stick with you forever.

This book is, by far, one of my all time favorite books. Such a good story, nice length and cute illustrations. The book is illustrated in simple black and white pictures and I think that Shel Silverstein did that for a reason. I think he wanted his words to shine through more than the pictures. This book makes me think each and every time a read it. What an amazing lesson buried in this book!

The tree gave everything to the one she loved. She literally gave everything. Not only did she give all of herself to the one she loved, but she was happy. I'm sorry, but if that doesn't touch your heart somehow, you are crazy! I want to be like that tree. I want to give all of myself to the ones I love. I want to give all of myself to God. I want to give all off myself to my husband, children, family, friends, church. I want to give everything and be happy. Too many days when Jayce wakes up I think to myself "Ughhhh I just want to sleep in!". Why? I am selfish because of my flesh. Jesus was able to give all of himself, but he was flawless. I am not. I should be happy to wake up and tend to Jayce, no matter what. I'm not saying I dread dealing with my children and don't want to get out of bed, I just really enjoy sleeping (I am sure there are a few of you out there who feel the same way). The tree makes sacrifices to make the boy happy. I want to learn to make sacrifices. I strive to be a selfless mom and wife. Unfortunately I have a long way to go. Just ask my kids or husband. I fall short on a daily basis. Reading this story to my kids helps me stay focused on what matters. Giving myself to the ones I love matters.

Are there any children books out there that do more than just tell a story to you? Do you have a copy in your home library for your kids to enjoy? I would love to know of more books like The Giving Tree!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What This Picture Says To Me

It must be close to nap time

Why you ask? Well, lets break it down. Look at Jayce. He isn't wearing any clothes. This means he has spit up and drooled so much that I finally quit changing his outfit and just left him naked. Now, onto Lula Mae. Look at her hair. It isn't quite morning hair, but it is still a mess. A mess that usually follows a full morning and mid afternoon of playing. Add these factors together and you will surely know that it must be close to nap time.

Could have been a super cute shot. I guess I need to schedule photo shoots right after school instead of before nap. Oh well, it is still a sweet picture I think.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What I Wake Up To...

A face that is always smiling and ready to greet the day.

Good thing she is super cute or this would be scary...

Yes, this is what she looks like when she gets up in the morning....


She is gonna LOVE her hair when she grows up!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Letters Of Intent

Happy Friday Bloggy friends! I'm super happy because Friday is cheat day. What is a cheat day..... well it is the one day of the week the Hubster and I can go NUTS and eat whatever we want. I feel some Marble Slab in my future! Anyhoo, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Be sure to hop on over to Julie's blog and read more great letters!

Dear Fellow Drivers,

There has been a breakthrough in automotive technology. It's a big one folks, huge in fact! Are you ready for this? It's called a turning signal! (gasp!) Since this is a new and very difficult piece of technology, I feel the need go over how to properly use them. Feel free to take notes. No really, TAKE NOTES!
  1. Locate the lever on the left side of the steering column (or possibly on the right side).
  2. To signal a left turn, push the lever down (opposite if lever is on the right).
  3. To signal a right turn, push the lever up (opposite if lever is on the right).
  4. Once the lever has been moved up or down, a blinking arrow will appear on your dashboard, somewhere in the vicinity of your speedometer.
  5. Proceed with caution and complete your turn.... not too slow... not too fast.
I know what you are thinking.... "How will I ever be able to use such a complicated piece of equipment? What ever will I do!" Do not panic. It really is easier than it sounds. The turning signal is your friend. Use it wisely..... when I say "wisely" I really mean every time you turn. Now that we have discussed how to properly use a turning signal, I will be on the look out for any improper use. It really is helpful to know what move you and your vehicle are going to be making, BEFORE you make said move. Look over your notes frequently, please. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Fed Up With People Who Can't Operate A Vehicle Properly


Dear Coke-a-Cola,

Why, why, why are you so yummy and delicious? You are nothing but a liquid candy bar. Liquid candy bars do not help me lose my pregnancy weight. You are so terrible for me! I'm so close. Please stop tasting so good or being so bad..... one of the two!


Slightly In Love.... Okay, Totally Addicted!

My New Husband

Lula Mae got some new books last night (aka: books out of the closet). This picture is on the back of one of her Shel Silverstein books. Lula Mae saw it and said...

"Look Mommy, it's Daddy! Daddy is on my book! Awwww, hi Daddy, what are you doing on there?"

Oh sweet child. Close, but not quite.

Okay really not even close but I still love you and the way you make me laugh. Dear child, Daddy is not bald, does not have fluffy eye brows and does not have a beard. His tooth to gum ratio is also quite different.

I think we need more pictures of Daddy hanging on the walls. I do not recall marrying Shel Silverstein....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Semi Nude Artist

So, we went to pick pumpkins (more pictures soon!) and decided to get a big one! To carve? No! A 2 year old can't carve! But a 2 year old can paint! So, we got a big pumpkin so Lula Mae would have lots of room to be creative. She had a great time!

I'm thinking we have a Picasso on our hands! Okay, maybe not, but it's still cute!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sneaky Like A Ninja

I have ninja skills. What? You didn't know? It's probably because I like to keep it hush-hush. You never know what a sneaky ninja may do. One may be able to steal a kiss with lightning speed (because Lula Mae moves at lightning speed) or one may be able to read a story without even looking at the book (because we are reading it for the millionth time today) or one may be able to simultaneously fix lunch for a hungry toddler and eat lunch (because many days lunch is the crusts cut off of a sandwich and the extra goldfish that flopped off the plate).

Being a Mommy is a lot like being a ninja. So much of what you do is unseen and unspoken. Oh sure, they notice that they have clean clothes, but they don't realize the time you spent on stain removal, sorting and folding all of them. They realize that we cook dinner, but they don't realize the menu planning and shopping behind it. I know they notice, but I also know they don't.

I do all of my wifely and motherly duties to bring glory to God, not to get a pat on the back. Honestly though, sometimes it is hard. I love my job, but sometimes it is monotonous. Many days are exhausting. Many days are stressful. Even so, many days are priceless. I have the perfect job. I get to see my babies grow each and every day. I get to take care of my family, my home, with all my energy. I am grateful for all the exhausting, stressful and monotonous days.

Although, this ninja Mommy does enjoy being noticed. Luckily I get noticed. God notices every single time. Many times, the Hubster notices. As Lula Mae grows, she notices. Jayce... well I'll cut him some slack. I hope all you other ninja Mommy's out there are as happy as I am.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monday Mugs

Monday is here! Happy Columbus Day everyone! I am super happy that the Hubster is off today because we had a busy weekend. We need a day off! Okay, he needs a day off, I just enjoy having him around. Off we go with Monday Mugs, be sure to pop in and check out more at Oswald Cuties.

This weeks theme is: Orange

Picking pumpkins with Lula Mae

Lula Mae's first pumpkin!

Lula Mae's pumpkin pajamas!