Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Sign

It was just another day. Just an ordinary, run of the mill day. The kids were destroying the house playing, the laundry was running, the the morning dishes were still waiting for me to clean them. Just another day. I took a moment to put in some jeans and a shirt that was less t-shirt than the one I was currently wearing. I proceeded to put on just enough make up to feel human look refreshed. 

Enter Jayce.

"Mommy, are we going to church?"

Enter epiphany. 

Apparently I need to put real clothes on and fix my make up way more often

Kids. They say the darnedest things. Where does the honesty go I wonder? 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Make a Resolutions to not Live by Resolutions

We all do it. Every year we sit down and figure out what our resolutions will be. People have started to catch on to the fact that resolutions are forgotten shortly after being written and it has started a new trend. Now everyone is picking one word to focus on through the year. Perhaps it will work... or perhaps it will become another resolution disaster.

I have done both. For years I have made traditional resolutions and for a year or two (it escapes me at this moment) I have picked a word to live by. I did not feel as though either was better or worse for me personally. I have had great success with both, while also failing at them as well.

So whats really going to work? What will actually keep people focused and dedicated? I am convinced nothing. Why? Because life is hectic, that's why. Because we change, day by day. Because our life is in a constant state of transformation, no matter what limitations we put on it in January.

I don't beat myself up if I don't keep my resolutions down to the letter, or at all for that matter. I don't loose sleep over not letting one word change my life in a mere 365 days.

Life is a learning experience. Don't put your growth in a box. Instead, let it stretch and have the freedom to change with you.

Perhaps a monthly journal would help. Each month you could jot down how you grew, what God has shown you or a lesson He taught you. Then in January 2015 you can look back and see how much growing and changing you have done. Is change and growth only acceptable if you predicted it the year before? I should think not.

Now I do think having goals for the year is great, don't get me wrong. I am not bashing on people who pick a word to focus on, or people who list out their resolutions for the year.  Personally, I have a few categories that I use to make my goals for the year (financial, physical, spiritual, relationships).  I try to limit myself to 1 or 2 goals per category (written very short and concise). So there you are, proof I am not shaking my finger at all you out there making resolutions, I am simply asking you to take a different look at the traditional route for a moment.

Just live. Enjoy every moment of the life God has blessed you with. Don't get so hung up on what you have in store for your year that you are not able to enjoy what God has in store for you. Let that be your resolution.