Wednesday, November 17, 2010

These Days

Well, it looks as though we may be moving. Tomorrow the inspection is being done, financing seems to be in order, contracts are signed.... I think it is really happening. We tired to sell our condo for quite a while before Jayce was born. Literally our condo was on the market for nearly a year and half. We had 3 different chances to sell, one of which feel apart days before closing. Frustrating does not describe it well enough. So this time around we are a bit numb to all of this. We just can't even get excited. Luckily we are not going to move until after Christmas so it won't really mess up the holidays. However, we are going to close right before Christmas, which is great for me. Once we close I can pack and such without wondering if all the packing is just a waste of time. Then, right after Christmas we will move into our new house! What a way to start of the new year!

All this moving stuff is so odd to me. It is happening so effortlessly. It is going smoother than smooth. We didn't eve have our house on the market. This whole thing really did just fall in our lap. I can't begin to tell you how incredible it is to see God working in my life. This whole situation has nothing to with us and all to do with God's timing. It is perfect. He knows His plan for our family and will see to it that if this is meant to happen, it will. Honestly I haven't worried or obsessed about this whole thing. Not even once. Not like me at all folks, not even a little bit. I am trying so hard to just live for God. Being preoccupied with with Him you just don't have time to worry. It is such a nice feeling!

Looks like this coming year will bring lots of decorating, organizing and memory making! It is going to be interesting journey for us.

So who is up for a painting party once we move in? Who wants to help renovate a kitchen? Clear out the overgrown yard? Any takers? Just keep it in mind, that's all I'm asking.


Tiffany said...

Oh man! I would totally escape our 4 ft of snow in January and some suffer in the FL winter! How amazing is this?

And what a blessing from god that you aren't stressed about it? What a gift, just for you!

Rachel said...

What a gift to have everything fall into place! LOVE being in the middle of God's plan like that!


Brandi said...

I love to paint! ;) It sounds like wonderful things are happening.

Heather said...

You come over for my cleaning party and I'll come for the painting party. Deal? Ok good.

HeatherOz said...

Wow! So cool that everything is just 'happening' with very little stress for you. And really nice that you can wait 'til after Christmas to move! So happy for you!