Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Missing Piece

There is a blog world puzzle among us dear followers. My sweet Rachel is on the brink of an "Ah Ha!" moment everyone. Let me explain before you are all confused. Here are the pieces to the puzzle:

My name is Amy and I am the writer of this blog (Captain Obvious is my super hero name!)

Heather is the writer of Reach In, Reach Out, Reach Up which is a blog that I follow

I recently went to Savannah Georgia on a lovely trip

Heather also went to Savannah and had a great time (minus the camera and contact solution)

Rachel is awesome and happens to follow both mine and Heather's blog

When I got home from my fantastic trip to Savannah I posted some lovely pictures of the historic city

Heather posted this when she returned from her trip to Savannah:

do a happy dance...

...because I'm back! I know I left you for 4 whole days with a pretty deep post. I am sorry about that. My mother-in-law and her three sisters and my cousin-in-laws (one who happens to be my friend Amy) all went to Savannah, GA for a long weekend get together. I can't post pictures as of yet because I may or may not have forgotten my camera. And my contact solution. I'll post pics later when I steal them from her (because I need to delete an impromptu photo shoot on her camera anyway...) To sum up our trip: coffee + laughing + shopping + walking + desserts + food + no boys = weekend in Savannah with seven women! I'll be back to my regularly scheduled posting asap ;) PS - I didn't suddenly become uber-popular on my last post. I joined ICLW, which is on my sidebar, you should check it out!

Rachel left this comment on Heather's post (because Rachel is the best at leaving comment love):

One of my friends just posted pictures of her Savannah trip and I am uber jealous of how beautiful it looks! So glad you had a fun trip!

Rachel, get ready.....

Heather & Amy... in Savannah, GA... together!

Yep, we went to Savannah together! We are best of buds and are actually related. Heather is married to my cousin (brother is more appropriate) Eric. So folks, there you have it. This puzzling Savannah trip mystery has been solved!

Rachel, my favorite part is that you referred to me as your friend. That touches me! You are such a wonderful blogging buddy and I hope someday we can see one another face to face! I am already trying desperately to plan a trip Colorado to visit the lovely Tiffany, so perhaps then we can work something out!


Heather said...

Oh Rachel, you might have to get her back for this one!

Rachel said...

Ohmygosh... I am just sitting here doing that "Picard FacePalm" thing because I have been feeling so clueless about that! How did I NOT figure that out?!?!

In all fairness, I didn't have *my* contacts in when I saw the pictures and didn't recognize everyone, hee hee!

Still, the pictures looked so beautiful and the descriptions sounded so wonderful - and I would have LOVED to join you in Savannah!

This whole post just made me totally crack up! I am so glad to call you both friends!

(I am still scratching my head trying to figure out how I wound up following both of you without realizing you were related!)

And umm... I'm going horseback riding in Colorado in August... *hint hint*!!! I am trying to convince Mr. Daddy to rock a bloggy friend road trip!

Thanks again - this post just made my day!

I Wonder Wye said...

How wonderful to meet face to face! I have enjoyed my bloggie relationships so much and meeting some would add even more depth to our friendship...

Brandi said...

HA! Oh,this is just too funny! ;) And I would LOVE to go to CO to see Tiffany and my twin, Kari! *jealous*

BTW, where-ish do you live? I got to thinking that you must be somewhere in the vicinity since you went to Savannah.

Tiffany said...

Ok, that settles it! You, Brandi, and Rachel just NEED to get your bloggy behinds out here to CO. Kari & I can come up with a fabulous place to hang for the weekend.