Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello New Year!

The holidays are over! I should not really be "happy" about that, but let me tell you... I am! Once the holidays are over its time to look at "the new year". I am not sharing my resolutions this year because I decided to make a short, very personal list. I want this year to be about growing in my faith and my walk with the Lord more than anything else. One thing I love about the new year is the feeling of "a fresh start" but it's a little ironic since every day is a fresh start when you are a child of God. So why is it that I only get that new start feeling once a year? I want to look into that this year. I want that feeling Another thing the new year does for me is gives me a "lets get clean and organized" attitude. I mean, I feel that way all year round, but for some reason I really like to deep clean and reorganize the house when the new year rolls around.

I haven't updated you all on the kids in a while, so here is a snapshot for you:

My girl is too smart for her own good (in a good way... but sometimes a bad way) and she is growing in the Lord so much! She has changed so much lately and looks so grown up. I feel the need to really slow down with her and enjoy her these days because I feel her tiny years slipping away.

My boy is becoming more and more strong willed (because I strong willed child is not enough in one family). He is hard and I am very mentally and physically exhausted. He is also such a smarty, but he does not like to show it. He is reading more and more words and enjoys the school I have stared with him. He likes to "spell" words... except he spells everything "a,e,i,o,u"... it's pretty adorable. I am overwhelmed that his 3rd birthday is just around the corner. Not ready for that folks.

Oh and I forgot to mention here on my blog that I am pregnant. Yep! That's right, there is a surro-baby in my womb! We have not told the kids much about what is going on yet, but I am excited to get to. I want this experience to be an example of service to my kids. I am a little overwhelmed by the "we love Amy so much we could squish her" people on our amazing facebook group because I just want people to see Jesus through this, but I am feeling as thought it is not happening. So I have backed down from facebook and have just been praying. I want my kids to see the real reason we are doing this. I am excited to have a big belly, but even more excited about labor and delivery! It's an amazing experience and I am praying God blesses me with that joy again!

So there is my randomness for today. You are welcome.