Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Surrogacy: Step By Step

This journey is long, and we all knew that going into it. Each step we make seems big, but there is not a set timeline that things will for sure happen. Esther and Scott came up for a visit and we all went and interviewed a clinic. It went amazing! The doctor that we met with seemed very knowledgeable and was incredibly nice. The four of us were in agreement that he seemed like a winner! Everyone there seemed very nice too. Always a plus to deal with friendly people. We have started the process with them, beginning paper work and what not. I have been acclimating myself to what this process will be like in a few months (the shots, the hormone patches, more shots, ultrasounds, blood tests, and did I mention shots?). Everything has to be precise and perfect so I am studying up now so that when the time comes I am more prepared.

But right now, we aren't there yet. Right now we are at the expensive step. Well lets be real, the whole thing is expensive! Right now we are on to the lawyers. Did you know that when a surrogate gives birth to a child who is in no way her own she has to give it up for adoption? Yep, they have to adopt their baby from the surrogate even though it is 100% their baby. Seems like just a way for lawyers to make some money to me, but hey. So right now we are at the lawyer step. We have both contacted and met with lawyers, but this step may take some time. Once the lawyers draw up a contract and we all agree on it and sign it this whole big game can get started!

Did you hear me.... basically one more step and this ball is ROLLING folks. ROLLING! I am so excited!

So this is where we are. Are you as excited as I am???? Well even if you aren't can you please pray for us? We would all really appreciate it!

Saturday, May 26, 2012







I am so ready for June! I desperately need a little less chaos in my life! Let me sum up what has been going on these days...

The kids had birthdays and parties (never again will I plan 2 parties 9 days apart!) 

Our 5 year wedding anniversary

Mothers day

We got in a little wreck on the way to small group (everyone is fine, but we have been without our van for going on 3 weeks now) 

Esther and Scott came for a visit (more on that later!)

Oh yeah, and HEATHER HAD THE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, she is here! Elizabeth (Ella) Ruth graced the world with her presence on May 15th at 12:41 pm. And can I just say she is AWESOME!!! I love her so much and am blown away with God right now! So I have been taking pictures, kissing and hugging.... living it up!!!!! Ugh! Anyway, I will be sure to post pictures of her soon, but I want Heather to get to post about her first. 

So please excuse my lack of commenting... I am lurking in the shadows until things calm down around here.

Friday, May 18, 2012


 I pick up lots of toys throughout the day. No big deal, it's my job. But this particular mess drives me nuts. I pick it up at least 20 times a day. I kid you not,

Can you guess why? Because the basket that all the food lives in makes a perfect stool for a certain short little guy I know.

Buddy boy, get use to stools, cause it sure is looking like you are gonna be a shorty like your mommy. Sorry dude. I'm just praying you hit 5 feet. Lord please just let him get past 5 feet!

Anyone else worried he is gonna have major little man syndrome? sigh.

Monday, May 14, 2012

And Then She Was 4....

 I had an amazing pregnancy with Lula Mae. Other than some preterm contractions and delivering at 36 weeks, everything was perfect. Even being born 4 weeks early our little girl was healthy. 6 lbs 3 oz and as precious as could be, we were smitten.
 I loved every moment of her babyhood. She was an easy baby. Her biggest problem was needing to be on a rigid schedule. I liked the schedule, don't get me wrong, but this girl wanted everything to be the same... every.single.day. Don't even think about messing it up by half an hour! OCD from day one folks, I kid you not!

 Her first 6 months were good. She was cute as a button and such a happy girl. Although she still had peach fuzz for hair.... no bows for this girl yet!

At a year she was bubbly and talkative. She was always laughing and smiling. She was so content to just sit and play. So content! By this time she was already reading so many words and was so into learning new ones!

By 18 months she finally decided to walk.  Her hair was growing... and as it grew those curls started showing! She loved being outside and would talk your head off if you let her. She had started reading sentences at this point.

At two she became a big sister. He curls we getting longer and more precious! She was a sweet little girl and yet so sassy. Tiny and talkative still. 

 As she neared 3 we saw so much change in her. Lots of personality and independence came spilling out of her tiny body.

 At 3 we hit a wall. Don't let that sweet face fool you, she was quite a wild one. She started learning how to be a person and that my friends got ugly. She started throwing fits and tantrums like you would not believe. We figured it would not be long and we would be out off the woods and start seeing our sweet little girl again. 

We were wrong! The second half of her 3rd year was terrible. We struggled day in and day out with this little curly headed thing. I won't lie, there were times where I thought she must be the spawn of satan! She made everything from eating to going to the store difficult. She was harder at 3 and a half than any other stage and Charlie and I both were being worn down. Our little curly headed girl is one of the strongest willed children I have ever seen, and I know God will use her mightily someday! 

And now she is 4. No longer a baby, or even a toddler.... a little kid. A kid with spunk and personality that I cannot do justice writing about. She is a one of a kind and I am so blessed to call her my daughter! She is so smart that it is scary sometimes. She has all the books of the old Testament memorized and knows roughly 30 bible verses and 29 Catechisms. She adores church and everyone there. She loves worship music and has a new love for dancing. She would live outside if it were up to her. She loves Veggie Tales and would spend all day in front of a TV if we would allow it. She never meets a stranger. She is quite a big helper, but you have to ask for it... she is not one to just jump in there. We are still working on having a servants heart ;-) She can blow your mind with her deep thoughts and conversations. The more I look at her the more I fill with pride. I am so proud of her in so many ways. She started out so tiny and seems so big now. God is working hard on her and I adore seeing the process. This year was our toughest yet with Lula Mae but Charlie and I are both still standing and we won't give up on this precious little girl!

Happy birthday Lula Mae Bell. I love you so much!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Not Babies

I just cleaned 4 years of grime off of our high chair because Jayce is now in a booster seat at the table.

He sits there like it is no big deal.

We just took down our two walk through baby gate (technically Jayce ripped one out of the wall, hulk style) Why have a gate up when the youngest child can open it on his own.

He would walk through and then close it behind himself like it was no big deal.

I no longer have to carry Jayce to the van. He can climb into the van and then into his seat all by himself.

He jumps in a waits to be buckled like it is no big deal

When Jayce finds trash on the floor he takes it to the trash can.

He tells me later that he threw something away like it is no big deal.

But it is a big deal.  To me at least. My baby is doing things for himself, needing me less and less. That is a big deal! I think my husband is secretly thrilled with all of these events, but I am somehow sad. It is odd feeling less needed by my kids. For nearly 4 years now I have been needed. Now all of a sudden, I'm kinda not. I am grateful that my kids are happy, healthy and basically normal. Still it stinks a little to see the babyness stripped from our house. 

This new phase of life will be fun I am sure, each season of life is precious in its own way. I am looking forward to this new season. And someday perhaps there will be another season of babies for us. Right now I am focusing on my two wonderful kids who are growing up quicker than I could have ever imagined.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Today My Boy Turned TWO!

The day my boy was born was amazing. An easy labor and delivery brought us a healthy little 7 pound boy. So tiny and perfect. 

Looking back I can't believe how tiny he looked.  And yet he seemed to grow at lightning speed.


 He loved to be sitting up and watching everything going on around him.


He did not however enjoy our beach trip. He takes after his mommy I guess. 


 His expressions melt my heart, and that round head is just adorable.


 As the months went by his cheeks seemed to be one of the only things growing! So kissable.

 He has always smiled with his entire face.

 He was quick to get on the move and begin exploring the world. He did not like anything or anyone to hold him back!

 Heather could make that baby laugh and smile more than anyone, and when he was younger she was an instant nap spot. He loved sleeping on her.


 And then he turned one and seemed so big, yet so young at the same time.

His sense of humor began to shine through. 

His silly side only makes guests appearances throughout the day, but we all know it is there.  Under that serious grown man disguise we all know that fun loving boy is there. 

He has always loved his sleep.

 He has an obsession with "daddy's things". Doesn't matter what it is, if it is daddy's he wants it!


This year he has started to make some of the funniest faces, especially when the camera is out. 

He is such a tiny boy! He finally hit 20 pounds this year but he seems to be stuck there.

 He loves music so much. All kinds.

 His very favorite thing has to be playing outside. He can't get enough of it!

His deep eyes make me wonder what he will be like as an adult. I feel like he has the gaze of a 70 year old man who has seen and lived through so much.

We are not a family that is into sports but this boy is planning on changing that. He loves baseball the most, but enjoys basketball all the same. Golf is becoming quite a fun activity to him and he enjoys football too. We are in trouble in a few years, aren't we?

He simply adores his sister yet they can be worst enemies at the drop of a hat. She can manipulate him all day long and he just can't get enough. He loves her so much! They will surely drive each other crazy in the years to come. His friends at church mean the world to him and not a day goes by where he does not ask about all of them. This boy has a huge heart!

My boy has a great father to guide him and train him. He adores his daddy and want to fill those big boots someday. 

How quickly this year has gone. The last year of his babyhood is now in the past. Today he is a toddler, and he has the tantrums to prove it! He is so expressive and is quite a thinker. There are not many problems he can't solve and he sure won't let something stand in his way. My tiny little guy had a bit of a tough year with the his skin and all his allergies, but we are slowly figuring out how to help him. He is a special guy and I am so honored that God entrusted me to be his Mommy. Watching him grow and learn about God melts my heart and gives me hope that he will someday love God with all of his heart, mind and soul. I pray everyday for God to use him mightily for His glory. I adore his little man voice and his sweet cuddles throughout the day and just before bed. I never get tired of carrying him as though he is still my little baby. Today my boy turned two and I can't help but hope this next year goes a little slower than this one has. I want to soak this last ounce of babyness up!

Jayce this year was a little tough for you and I am so grateful that God has led us to the right people to help make you feel better. You are so sweet and I love you so very much. I hope this year is filled with lots of fun new memories. You are such a gift from God and we love you so much! 

Happy birthday Jayce! My big 2 year old!