Saturday, November 20, 2010

One Of My Ninja Skills.... Revealed!

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you already know that I am a ninja. Yes, that's right, a ninja. Well this ninja is about to give away a super sneaky ninja move. This one involves getting a picky toddler to consume vegetables. A problem that I hope other Moms have too.

I always said that I would not hide vegetables for my kids. I wanted them to just learn to eat healthy. Then life happened and I gave birth to a picky eater. Not incredibly picky, she does love avocados, green beans, yogurt, string cheese, wheat bread... but picky non the less. So, how does this ninja mommy make sure her picky toddler is eating a wide variety of fruits and veggies? With these...

What are they? Baby food. Yep, baby food. Organic baby food mash ups. Lula Mae LOVES these things. She loves that they are a "treat" and really likes the packaging. If you put them in the refrigerator they are like a smoothie! There are TONS of choices which means lots of variety for her. These are not a daily thing for her, but about two or three times a week she gets one. Typically I get just the veggie ones, but I also grab a few of the fruit ones too. They are great to throw in the diaper bag for a healthy snack when we are out and about. I am super in love with these things! The ingredients are the best part. Just the fruits and veggies! Nothing else! I really love that! I am trying to feed my kids better than what I feed myself. These things are so helpful!

If you have a toddler that is turning down too many veggies and you feel like you need to supplement their diet you should try these! Lula Mae and I highly recommend them!

I sure hope I don't have to trick her into eating her veggies forever... but for now, I guess it's alright :-)


Tiffany said...

Oh I am so grateful none of my kiddos are picky. But my good friend has picky kids - I will mention these to her!

Anonymous said...

R is super picky as of late and it is affecting her weight. Urgh. So any helpful tips likes these help!!!

Keep the tips coming.

Rachel said...

I didn't even know those existed! I have one of those picky eaters... and that stinks! ha ha

Thanks for the tip!