Tuesday, November 2, 2010

True Story Tuesday: Not So Exciting

Well it is time for True Story Tuesday everyone! I promised you a not-so-exciting story, and by golly, you are gonna get one! So here we go! Oh, and don't forget to visit my buddy Rachel for more stories!

Charlie and I had taken the kids to Lowes to look for some fall flowers (for me to kill). We let Lula Mae walk around and pick what she liked. Jayce was a happy boy riding in his stroller. After loading up the flowers we realized that we would probably need some potting soil because the ground here apparently is not great for growing things (it may or may not have more to do with the fact that I can kill kudzu ). So Charlie stepped away from his job of pushing Jayce to load up the large bag. I begin to walk off with the buggy, now loaded with flowers and soil.... and Charlie followed me after me. I turned quickly to him and said, "You may want to grab Jayce there babe." The look of panic that came over his face was apology enough. He felt so bad you guys. Now I can't say that he ever left our daughter (the beloved "first born" you know) anywhere, but I can't hold that against him. I can't, but I am sure someday Jayce will! All us parents have our moments!


Brandi said...

Awww, tell him not to feel too bad. We've all done it (well, I mean, I haven't, but men don't think clearly when they're in the home improvement store). ;)

Rachel said...

Oh no! I'm sure he felt just awful! At least Jayce wasn't big enough to wander off and climb up one of those huge rolling ladders, right?

(Not like that's ever happened with Itty Bit... right Mr. Daddy??? *ahem*)

Thanks for linking up - glad it ended well!

Emmy said...

If you don't tell Jayce will definitely not remember :). That is the great things about long term memory- you don't really remember much before age 5.

HeatherOz said...

You know, my husband has baby forgetting problems at the home improvement store too! We'll get out of the car and start to walk in to the store and I have to say "Are you going to get Daisy out of the car?" (his self-designated job)