Thursday, July 1, 2010

200 Challenge: June

Half of 2010 is gone my friends! Can you believe it? Where did it go? Time just seems to speed up every single day around here! Well, it is time again to update on our grocery budget. The 200 Challenge has been a huge help this year! I am saving so much money on groceries! This month was a little different because my husband had a 2 week drill that kept him late for several nights. I can tell you there was not a great deal of "cooking" going on in this house! Less cooking means I did not need quite as many groceries as usual. Knowing that, I went ahead and stocked up on things that I consider luxury items (name brand pickles, tea bags, salad dressing, Dukes mayonnaise... all the things I am spoiled to!) For the first two weeks I only spent $72.26. Not to bad if I do say so myself! Then on my last two week trip I spent $109.16. A little more than I would have liked, but like I said I did buy those lovely luxury items (and Dukes mayonnaise is ALWAYS worth it!) . So my grand total for the month of June was $181.42. So this month we are +$18.58 in our grocery category! It is always nice to come in under budget! If only I could come in under budget in all my other categories!!! Perhaps I need to create a challenge for saving money on miscellaneous items? Hmmmmm?

Next month I am going to do things a little different. I am going to shop every 7 days instead of every 14 days. We need to eat healthier, so I need to buy way more fresh foods. I tend to waste fresh food when I shop every 2 weeks (I know, it's terrible! Go ahead and shake your head and say "waste not, want not"!) So I think if I shop weekly I will be much more focused and will be able to use up any fresh foods we get. Plus I am hoping it will help me even more in the budget category!

Need accountability for your budget? Want to save money on your groceries? Make a plan for next month and join The 200 Challenge at Clay In His Hands! Link up with us!


Rachel said...

Ummm... how on earth are you only spending that much?!?! Do share! :)

Amy said...

Well this is only food for 2! I have a separate budget for Lula Mae's food (mainly because I buy such specific things for her to eat) Biggest help with this is shopping at Aldi! Saves me TONS!!!!!!!!!! Menu planning is the second biggest help!!! And with this challenge we did cut out silly little snacks that we use to live off of, name brand products and impulse buying. We are still eating the same diet and meals, just somehow spending so much less!