Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bible Verse

In Lula Mae's Sunday school class they have been working on Isaiah 1:17 this month. "Learn to do what is right". What a wonderful verse! We have been reciting it with her every night after her prayer and I also go over it with her every morning during "school". She has it memorized now and I am so proud! She is learning how to hide God's word in her heart and I am so happy about that! Now that she knows this verse, when she is making a bad choice I can say "Are you doing the right thing?" and she will correct herself. It is great! Now, it doesn't work every time of course. Can anyone tell me what does work every time???? Exactley! It is always nice to have some tricks up your sleeve though! Sorry my child mumbles so badly on video, I hope you can understand her!


LaVonne said...

I love that. We do the same thing with our Princess. This month is on Samuel being a helper to Eli and therefore he is also a helper for God. She loves this month. So do I.
I too say, "Are you being a good helper like Samuel?"


Emmy said...

That is cute! And so wonderful that you are teaching her righgt from the start. I love your accent :)

Rachel said...

She is darling! I love seeing things "stick" in my kiddo's mind - isn't it a great feeling?!

The Simple Life said...

She is so very cute!

I'm leaving you an award on my blog!