Saturday, July 17, 2010

What, Another Award???

Yep! ANOTHER!!!! When someone gives me an award I feel like the kid who gets picked first for kickball! How lucky! I have to give a big THANKS to The Simple Life for giving me this award! Go and check out her blog!

Taaaaa Daaaaaa!!!!
The Versatile Blogger

Now for the fun part! I get to tell you 7 things about myself. Totally random stuff. Gonna be hard since I have shared so much random stuff with you lovely readers before! Ok here we go...

1. When I was little I was afraid of the "wrinkle monster". I had to have my blanket completely wrinkle free before I could go to sleep so that the "wrinkle monster" would not get me. Yep, I was even OCD then. Not too much has changed.... although now I don't think the "wrinkle monster" is really going to come after me.

2. I won tons of theater awards in high school but I only have 2 of them displayed in my house today. One is an All Star Cast Award which I got at the South Eastern Theater Conference that was held in Mobile Alabama during my junior year (ummm yeah that is a pretty BIG deal) and the other is a Superior Acting Award that I got at the Palmetto Dramatic Association during my sophomore year (yep, pretty BIG deal too). I am super proud of them!

3. I love taking pictures but really stink at it. Don't care though. I still enjoy it and am glad I am capturing these precious moments of my kids.

4. When I was little I had an imaginary friend. Remember the movie Casper with Christina Ricci? Well Stretch the ghost was my imaginary friend. Why I chose him over Casper is beyond me. No clue there. All I know is I took pictures of my imaginary friend, that's how serious I was. Oh, and those pictures were in an album. Yep, Stretch at Biltmore! Gotta love it!

5. One of our cats had been missing for a few days (oh, this was when I was little by the way) so my Mom, my sister and I all decided to go and look for him before we left to go somewhere. Well I found him dead in our playhouse. Not just a little dead, I mean like nasty dead too. Instead of telling anybody I lied and said I couldn't find him. Not because I was sad or thought I would get in trouble, but because I wanted to go to the zoo or the museum (I can't remember now which it was) and I knew Mom wouldn't take us if she had to deal with the dead cat. So now I am secretly terrified that I will do that if I find a person dead too. Just walk away and act like I never saw it. Sure hope I never find anyone dead! How messed up would that be? And also illegal in some situations!

6. I am afraid of the dark. Terribly afraid. So afraid that I hated that show "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" just because of the title. Ok really I am just a big scardy cat because I am also afraid of big open spaces, flying, the water, being shot and/or stabbed in the back, chocking on something and watching someone watch me die that way, the gas pump exploding while I am getting gas..... weird stuff.... ridiculous stuff!

7. I hate being repetitive. You know when you tell someone something and they say "huh? what did you say?", well before I say it again I have to think of a different way to say it. Then if they don't get it that time I just say "forget it" and move on. Saying it three times may make my head explode! The teenage years should be a blast for me (gulp)!

Well I hope that did not bore you too much (or scare you into not following me!). I now have the honor of giving this wonderful award to another worthy blogger! Drum roll please....

Emmy at
Emmy Mom- One Day at a Time

You really must check out her blog! You never know what she will have! Parenting tips, recipes, pictures, questions to ponder... oh the list goes on and on! Head on over and take a look! Congratulations Emmy!


McCrakensx4 said...

congrats on your award! I am not fond of the dark either and thunder as well!

Emmy said...

Thanks! So kind of you. That is so sad about the cat, I think I would still be traumatized.