Friday, July 16, 2010

Letters Of Intent

Hello Friday! It's time for Letters of Intent! Enjoy!

Dear Hubster,

I love you! You have been working really hard lately and I am really proud of you. Since you have been so busy I am willing to let a few things slide. I can forgive you for forgetting to take the garbage to the road (even though it was slam full and I am pretty sure half of it was diapers). I can for give you for forgetting to drop the mail in the mailbox (even though I put your keys and wallet on top of it and you drive right past it when you leave for work). I can forgive you for leaving your dirty clothes in the bathroom floor after your shower (even though I haven't moved the laundry basket). But my dear, I cannot forgive you for keeping me up most every night with your snoring. Who knew it was possible for you to learn how to side and stomach snore. I mean, the back snoring I get. At least then I can nudge you and tell you to roll over and it stops. Now it doesn't matter how you are laying! The worst is when you are facing me! That's really not good for me! I know you think I'm beautiful, but this beauty doesn't happen naturally. If I am not rested I don't have the energy to shower, dry my hair and put my make up on! And that my dear is when the magic happens! I am going to give you a little bit of a break. I know work has been draining and you are exhausted by the time we get to bed so I am willing to make you a deal. Once things get back to normal at work, in 2 weeks or so, we will see if the side and stomach snoring cease. If they do, I will continue to let you sleep in our bed. If they don't, I am going to set up a twin bed in the playroom for you! Now that we have that settled, can you please try to remember that every Tuesday is trash day?

The Other Adult In The House Who Would Enjoy A Good Nights Sleep

ps. Did I mention I love you?


Dear Self,

Just thought I would remind you that when you don't pluck your eyebrows you look like you have two fuzzy caterpillars on your face. Not cute! Not even close. Plus, your feet are in need of some TLC. It wouldn't be hard to scrub them down and slap some polish on your toes. I know you are busy. I am well aware that you have 2 kids, a house and a husband to care for. All I am saying is you find time to yeah...... you get what I'm saying, right?

The Woman With Two Fuzzy Caterpillars On Her Face


Dear Food Lion,

I don't mind shopping at your store. I mean, you aren't my first choice, but you are just so close to my house! You are quite convenient and typically have pretty good sales. One quick question though, WHY ARE THERE ONLY TWO REGISTERS OPEN???? This is not just a once in a blue moon thing. I can't recall there EVER being more than two open. Ever. Do you know how hard it is to keep my 2 year old content when the buggy is not moving? Lets just say there are times when dental work would be more fun. Waiting does not rank high on a toddlers list of things they likes to do. If you would just open a few more lanes I think all of your customers would be happier! And could you teach your cashiers how to load my reusable bags please!!!! They act like I am Super Woman and pack all my groceries into 3 bags even though I brought 10 to the store with me! Just because they are bigger and stronger than plastic bags does not mean stuff them to the top! Okay? Sounds like you need to have a staff meeting!

The Woman Who Is Going To Take Her Business Elsewhere

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Foursons said...

My husband snores too, so I totally hear you on the sleeping thing.

Thanks for linking up, I don't think I'd be shopping at that store either!

The Simple Life said...

Breathe Right Strips!!!!!!!!!!!!

My hubby snores too - trust me they work!

Lets' not even talk about eyebrows and toenails.

Ashley T said...

I might be getting those breathe right strips.. my husband is starting to do the same thing. I think its worse now that I'm pregnant but geez!

Food lion is just like the walmart here.. I had a lady ask me if I wanted to buy the reusable bags (it said TARGET on it!) Ugh, hang in there!

Stopping by from the Foursons!

Tiffany said...

Every week my coworkers get to hear my complaints about the baggers at our grocery store too.

I am sorry about the snoring - mine does the same thing.

deepintheheartoftexas2 said...

I understand the snoring it is the reason why I got little sleep last night.

We used to shop at a Food Lion they where good, Wal-mart is the worst.

Hubster said...

Well...hmmm...the only problem I see with the twin bed is that you would have to get up to come wake me up in the morning. And the good thing about trash day is they don't usually come until around 10:30am. Ample time for you to run that out there for me. Thanks babe. P.S. I snore to scare off the caterpillars. LOL! Love you babe.

Marice said...

LOL! Good thing hubs and I are not on the work schedules heheh I am also starting to see a little caterpillar now :(

<a href=">u may view mine here</a>

He & Me + 3 said...

Maybe I should write that letter to my hubs. let me know if your letter works ;)

I so need to get my eye brows waxed and a pedi too. Let's do lunch and get that done together. Sounds good to me :)

Emmy said...

Waiting in line with kids is the worse! I started bringing lollypops and they knew if they were good shoppers they would get their lollypop when it was time to pay. So I could remind/bribe them with it during the trip, then they were happy while we waited

HeatherOz said...

Ugh on the snoring hubbies! Mine was snoring right in my face last night. He received a swift jab to the side and a shove to motivate him to roll over. Luckily he doesn't snore on his right side. Good luck with your snorer!