Thursday, July 15, 2010

I see

Right now I see (and I am thinking)

Books scatted all over the floor (I should really pick those up before Lula Mae gets up from her nap so that she can pull them all out again.)

The bill book on the kitchen counter (Why do I feel like it is staring at me? I can feel it judging me from all the way over here.)

A burp rag about to fall out of the swing (I better get that before Lula Mae does. She may try to wipe her nose on it and that would be gross.)

A new list of words on the board for Lula Mae to learn (I wonder if she likes getting new words? How does she learn these words so fast?)

One last swig of tea in a glass on the counter (I bet that fly has pooped on the rim of my glass. I better get a straw.)

A piece of tape wrapped around the light pull cord (How long has that been there? I didn't put it there, I can't reach that high. I guess it was Charlie. I wonder how many times I will have to ask him to take it down?)

A cobweb on the ceiling (Why did I buy a condo with vaulted ceilings, I am never gonna be able to reach that. Not even with my stool. I wonder how many times I will have to ask Charlie to get it down?)

A potty for Lula Mae's baby doll (Why is it that Lula Mae will pee and poop on her baby's potty but won't go on her potty? Even though it is in her diaper it is far more success than anything we have had in her potty. She can be so stubborn sometimes. No clue where she gets that from.)

I am sitting here because I have forced myself to. Not that I have to force myself to blog, but I have to force myself to relax. During nap I typically fly through the house like a chicken with my head cut off. I try to get everything I can done during that short window of time. Well today I am not. I have banished myself to the couch. Yep, banished! I am a very strict person, I can tell you that right now. When I approached myself about this earlier today I was intimidated! Not only that, but apparently I spit when I talk. Sorry to anyone out there who already knew that! So, here I am. Relaxing. Not doing anything. I must say, it feels kinda nice.

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The Simple Life said...

As hard as it is, you must take some time for yourself. Good job!

Now, actually relax, you are not relaxing if you are looking around stressing out on what needs to be done while you are on the couch.