Monday, March 5, 2012

A Strange Thing That Makes Me Happy

Planning Disney vacations.

It is not because I love Disney (even though we all know I so do) I think it is more because I love planning.

The ability to say "On this day we are going to eat here at this time" makes me happy. Why?

I like control.

There are few things in life (basically nothing) but Disney planning... I have control over.

I am pretty glad that Charlie is a go-with-the-flow kinda guy or I might not enjoy these plannings so much.

After Lula Mae and I return from our mother/daughter trip I am gonna work on a post of my best tips and tricks for an affordable Disney vacation. I LOVE saving money and mixing that with Disney.... well it makes me giddy.

Because these two kids....

love them some Disney, but they also enjoy eating, so budgeting is quite necessary :-)


Mrs. Edwards said...

I love Disney. My husband has never gone and I would love to take him before summer starts. I look forward to reading your post....I love saving money anyway possible.

Emmy said...

Yes, that is the worst part about those parks is the food prices. But worth it in the end.