Friday, March 30, 2012

Letters Of Intent

Oh Friday..... I have been dreaming of you! Not all Fridays, just THIS Friday. Today Charlie is making his 12 hour drive HOME! Technically I still have to be single mom all day today, but tomorrow I plan on relinquishing that title to Daddy. Have fun Babe! I will be back.... lets just say don't wait up, okay?

Dear Self,

Charlie being gone does not affect the mail. It still comes. Check it please. The mail man probably thinks you are dead inside the house or something considering you only remembered to check it twice in 12 days. Write it on a sticky note lady!


Your Other Half


Dear Other Half,

Easy for you to say.




Dear Children,

I made you from scratch and carried you around inside my womb while you baked for 8 some odd months. The least you could do is pretend that you love me. I am going to name every single one of my wrinkles (which I am bound to get prematurely thankyouverymuch) Lula Mae and Jayce. Ever.Single.One.


Over Worked And Under Appreciated

1 comment:

Tiffany Bleger said...

Oh amen on the wrinkles friend. And I forget to check the mail even when my hubby's home.