Monday, March 26, 2012

Life With A Literal Child

I have mentioned before how literal Lula Mae is, and I just want to give you a little snap shot of what I mean.

On our trip together we stopped in to see Esther and Scott. Scott was leaving for work and said he had to hit the road:

Why would you hit the road Scott?

I'm sure in her mind she wanted to know what the road did to Scott to deserve to be hit.

We worked on a some rhyming and spelling this past week at school:

Mommy, what rhymes with monkey. Hey, donkey looks like monkey! Mommy, you have been saying donkey wrong. It looks like monkey so they have to rhyme.

I know one little girl who is NOT going to enjoy learning the rules to the english language!

Lula Mae has been taught since birth that we invite Jesus to live in our hearts and today she asked me:

Mommy, does Jesus wiggle around in there when I dance? Does it make him dizzy and fall down?

A few moments later:

When I get a boo boo on my toe does he swim down to make it better? How does he get to my toe to heal it if he is in my heart? Or on my head?

Life with a literal child is quite interesting, to say the least.


lawrencochran said...

Love this! I know you're having a time with her right now...but things like this probably make it all worth is. Especially when you can tell that they are absorbing what you teach them. Can't wait till Aubrie starts to get old enough to grasp concepts like that. :-) Love you!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Oh I love this! So much fun hearing children's thoughts. So sweet how she was concerned about making Jesus dizzy!

Tiffany Bleger said...

Aww... Love it!

Jenn Earle said...

This is so funny. Its a tought age but seriously they say the funniest stuff at that age!!! make sure you write all this stuff down so you can remember it!

Emmy said...

Those are all hilarious! And so cute! Love it. And she is right monkey and donkey do look alike :)

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

That is so cute. I read that at my Princess' age (4), they take things very literally and will believe anything. I see it with mine too :) It is pretty funny and I must admit I mess with her a bit too :)

Love the comment about Jesus in her heart. So, so cute!

Rachel said...

So funny! She is a smart one for sure!

(I love the figuring out Jesus in her heart part too!)