Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Domino Math

Lula Mae has been doing simple math for quite sometime now. Lula Mae is a child who learns well visually, but she also works well with manipulatives. Math is an easy thing to teach to little ones because they haven't figured out that math is not fun (I was not a fan of math.... AT ALL in school). Today I used dominoes to help her with addition.

I had her count the dots on one side, write the number, then count the dots on the other side and write that number. Then she counted all the dots together and wrote her answer.

Since she has been doing addition for a while now I used this particular activity to help teach her the proper equation format. We worked on putting each number in the right spot, where the plus sign should be as well as the equal sign. Then we talked about where the answer should go. It was an easy and quick activity to get together and do with her. She really seemed to love it!


heather said...


Keep it up!!!

Rachel said...

You can tell she loved it - look at that smile!

What a good little student!