Friday, March 23, 2012

Letters Of Intent

To The Past 6 Days,

I'm gonna pretend you did not happen, because if I don't I am afraid to think of what I might do.




Lula Mae,

Where are you? There is this little girl here that looks like you.... but surely, SURELY it isn't you. You see, my little girl is sweet, and kind and loves Jesus. This little girl is mean, and hateful and clearly does not know who Jesus is. Please, come back and send this imposter away! I miss my precious little girl. I miss her so much.


Not A Fan Of The Toddler Years


Dear Money,

We recently discussed you learning how to multiply. Any word on how that is coming? Making any headway?


Wishing I was An Athlete Who Got Paid Stupid Amounts Of Money To Play A Freaking Game


Rachel said...

Ahh - my kiddo must have run away with yours... I'm still waiting for the sweetness to return!

And the money? Let's figure out how to get insane amounts for writing letters, k? :)

Foursons said...

Ummm...if you and Rachel make money for writing letters I should get a cut of it. Just sayin....

Sorry the last six days stunk so bad, I hope the next six more than make up for it!

Toddler years are tough for sure. Something happens to your brain though and when they are older you will miss these days because you have forgotten how hard they really are.