Friday, March 9, 2012

Letters Of Intent

It's a sad day blog world. Julie is soon to be retiring her Letters Of Intent link up (because all you slackers won't link up anymore. Sigh.). I still plan on carrying on her tradition, although you know me... sometimes my blog falls to the way side. Life happens and the blog is the first thing to be neglected. Better my blog than my children, ya know? So please do me a favor and head over to her blog and show her some love! I hope you all enjoy your weekend, I know Lula Mae and I will!

Dear Long Drive,

Please don't suck as bad as I am anticipating. This is my first solo drive to my home away from home so be nice to me.


Slightly Nervous


Dear Lula Mae,

If you touched it 3 days ago.... you aren't technically "playing with it" my dear. You have to stop being so stingy or you won't have any friends. No one likes a no it all, which you tend to be, and no one likes that kid who won't let you touch anything! You gotta lighten up!


Your Mommy Who Is Getting Tired Of Your Mean Streak


Dear Water,

Could you please taste like Coke so I will enjoy drinking more if you? That would really be great!


Coke Tastes WAY Better


Me said...

LOL, I wish water tasted like Diet Mtn Dew....alas it doesn't.

Foursons said...

My first solo drive that was a longer trip scared me too. You can do it!

Totally cracking up over the toy sharing. Eventually she'll learn that it is more fun to play with others than it is to play by herself.

I wish water tasted like Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper.

Thanks for linking up and for your intro! Sadly, I think my carnival has run its course.