Sunday, March 27, 2011

Money Making March

Money Making March

3M Challenge

Well March is creeping its way to a close. In a matter of days I will be able to crunch my numbers, look at the budget and see just how well March went. I am excited and nervous. So far, our miscellaneous spending is going incredibly well. That was the goal of this challenge so I am feeling good about that. Although, my necessities budget and my grocery budget have gone over, and I am just hoping I didn't move the spending problem to another category. I guess I will just have to be patient and see what the numbers say.

So what is coming in April? I want to do something big each month to help our budget. Now I will say I am keeping some of my 3M Challenge in place because they really helped, but I still want more!

April is going to be a month of sacrifice for our house. We are not going to turn on our air conditioner until May 1st. Which, now that I think about it means that we won't really turn it on until the 8th since we will be leaving for vacation on the 2nd. So that will be an extra week that the air won't be running. People all over the world (in much hotter climates) live just fine with no ac, we can last a mild month. I hope that it will help us to keep it set higher through the rest of the summer as well. I am excited about April and how it can save us money. Plus, it is good for the environment!

What can you give up in April to help your budget or the environment? What can you and your family sacrifice?


Matthew said...

Lat fall we went for 6 weeks with no heat or AC. It was a little warm on one end and cold on the other but it can definitely be done. Go for it!

Amy said...

Thanks Matthew! We are excited!