Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letters Of Intent

Dear Gas Prices,

Really... up and down... up and down.... up and down.... are you on a pogo stick? Just go down and STAY down. I don't want to spend half of my vacation budget on gas. By May you better be back to reasonable!


Going Broker By The Fill Up


Dear Weather,

You have been so wonderful. How can we ensure you stay this lovely for, oh lets just say.... always? Any possibility? How about half the year?


Enjoying Your Beauty


Dear Lula Mae,

Salad? Did you really eat a salad for dinner? Not just a salad.... but okra too? Little missy you need to stop complaining and protesting your fruits and other bland veggies if you are going to eat things like salad and okra. How is corn so bad? You never cease to amaze me child. Thanks for eating better... lets keep this up, okay? I need you to grow before your 3 year check up so you don't have to have all kinds of crazy tests done like I did as a kid. Trust me, they are no fun. Please grow!


Scratching My Head


Dear Disney World,

May is getting closer. Soon we will be together again. Are you as excited as I am? I just can't wait. Lula Mae talks about you every single day. Quick question... she is expecting Jesus to be there... can you make that happen? It would make her day! She assumes everything she loves with be at Disney World so Jesus is a must. Before you know it we will be on our way.... I JUST CAN'T WAIT!!!!


So Ready For Vacation!


*Crystal* said...

Your letters never cease to make me laugh... Love them :)

Rachel said...

Can't stop giggling at Jesus at Disney World, hee hee! Love that Lula Mae!

Hope your back is better!

Shana said...

Ha Jesus at Disney. That is just too cute.

Regina said...

Amy she is so cute sometimes--I love the idea of getting Jesus to Disney World--who wouldn't love that:-)

Anonymous said...

I was the kid, who had to undergo the tests. I am 5'2, she will be ok.
I hate to say this but I don't see gas prices going down. And we all need them too!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Expecting to see Jesus at Disney World sounds reasonable to me! And our weather is on that crazy pogo stick!

Foursons said...

Yay for nice weather! I hope it sticks around for a while.

I'm laughing at the okra. I can't stand that stuff. I wish my kids would eat a vegetable. Any vegetable. Besides a french fry of course.

How cute that she wants to see Jesus at Disneyland. That is the BEST!

Thanks for linking up!