Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Money Making March

Money Making March
3M Challenge

We are half way through March... can you believe that! This year is going way too fast! I am actually kind of excited for this month to finish though, just to see how I did on my budget. So far I think it is going well. I need to do the grocery shopping and a baby trip within the next couple of days though. Hopefully I will stick to my list and stay on target with my budget. Gas is actually going way better that I thought it would seeing that the prices are crazy. Our miscellaneous cash is holding up okay. It is showing me just how much I was spending frivolously before. I am liking this cash thing! By the end of the month I hope to have $20.00 left. If we can do that every month, we can save up and have a nice date night :-) Who doesn't love that? I hope you are all trying something new this month to help you save money!

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Rachel said...

Awesome that it's going so well! And great about the gas... that's usually what kills us since we live out of town.

Though I must say, being sick for four days is saving us some money because we haven't left the house... but we are running out of Triaminic! ha!