Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3M Challenge

Money Making March
3M Challenge

Today begins the month of March which, in turn, begins my budget challenge! I am so ready! I hope some of you will join me (so I don't feel like a big old loser having no one link up!) and so that we can encourage each other through this. The purpose of this challenge is to help me get my budget on track. I want my budget I have laid out so nicely on paper to be what I figure up at the end of the month. Plain and simple. First things first! I need to show you the breakdown of my month. Days that are left blank are days where miscellaneous trips my be made.

1st No Spending
2nd Necessities trip
4th No spending
6th No Spending (check budget)
7th Grocery Trip/ Baby Trip
9th No Spending
11th (check budget)
12th No Spending
14th No Spending
16th (Check budget)
17th No Spending
19th Grocery trip
20th No Spending
21st Necessities trip (check budget)
22nd No Spending
24th No Spending
26th No Spending (check budget)
28th No Spending
30th No Spending
31st No Spending (check budget)

The next step for me is to go by the ATM and take out our miscellaneous spending cash out. Then, I have to run to Wal-Mart and get my gas card for the month. There's a quick tip for you. I buy Wal-Mart gift cards to get my gas with because it gives me .03 off per gallon. Seems like it may not be worth it.... but in this house, every little bit helps! I am hopeful that this month makes a big difference in how I budget for my family. I want to do a better job. I will be back in a week to give you an update! Be sure to blog about how you are going to save money this month and link up! You know you want to! (Please somebody do it so I feel just a little bit of bloggy love.... just a little bitty bit..... just one person is all I'm asking.... talk amongst yourselves and decide who it's gonna be..... flip a coin or something!)

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Rachel said...

I need to leave Gracie's post up a bit longer to hopefully get more people in to increase the donation to the Crisis Pregnancy Center!

But... I use my Fred Meyer card at Shell stations for 5 cents off per gallon. I already shop at Fred Meyer, and I get 1% of the total back every quarter too. It definitely all adds up - and no credit cards involved!

Hope this month is great for you guys!