Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Home

This Happy Home is going to be plain and simple.


I am a big fan of gathering. When you have a few minuets to spare, grab a laundry basket, tote basket, bag of some sort and start gathering. Look around in each room and see what needs to be gathered and moved out of that room. I will go through the house and focus on gathering items of the same relevance. I will gather trash from each room. I will gather things from around the house that need to be taken to the kitchen. I will gather toys that belong in the playroom and return them to their home. No one has hours to spend reorganizing their entire home each day, so gather as the day goes. Gathering helps me keep a Happy Home in just a few minuets! I would encourage all you house wives and stay at home moms to try this technique before your husband gets home from work. Your husband will appreciate coming home to a tidy home.... he doesn't have to know it only took a few moments of your time!

Happy Monday everyone!


Rachel said...

Love this one! Because it's one of the best "instant gratification" suggestions to take care of clutter quick!

I use this one - and Itty Bit is starting to get the hang of it! :)

Emmy said...

That really does make a huge difference.

Regina said...

putting in a request---will you show us how to organize a closet?? I really could use some good ideas:-)

HeatherOz said...

I like this idea! I always get overwhelmed when the clutter is out of control and I don't know where to start!