Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Little Man

Can you believe he is almost one? Me either.... I might cry on his birthday... well not actually on his birthday because we will be at Magic Kingodm and I just can't cry when I am in my happy place. Now when we get home from our trip and I realize he is one, I may cry.

He is a very active little guy.... very active!

He is always on the move! Nearly all the pictures of him turn out blurry.

Oh, and he is going to be the next Iron Chef... just so you know.
'Cause this boy loves the kitchen!


Rachel said...

That first year flies! And he is just so cute... we can sure use another Iron Chef!

Heather said...

Little shorty pants!
That's my boyfriend!!!

Tiffany said...

Oh his little cheeks are just precious! How do you not nibble on them all day?

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

Time does go by so fast doesn't it? It is hard to believe. We have been sick this last week. I am finally coming out of the daze and trying to play catch up. We started school again after taking off a couple weeks. It is starting to feel "normal" again. :) I am looking at curriculum for next year already. Have you heard of some great Christian curriculum to recommend?

Emmy said...

He is so cute! Love his smle. And seriously let's just freeze our boys as they are right now

HeatherOz said...

It is hard! Sweet little babies are so precious! He is an absolute doll!