Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letters Of Intent

Friday.... where have you been???? I am so glad it is the weekend! Last weekend seemed to fly, which never makes me happy. I hope you all have a great relaxing weekend planned! Oh and don't forget to check out Julie's blog for more great letters!

Dear Children,

We need to work on this schedule. I am going to need you to both be happy on the same day... at least once or twice a week! Please! This whole "one is in a good mood... the other is not... the other one is in a good mood today.... the other is not.... etc." is making me a little crazy! So talk amongst yourselves and get this whole thing organized. You are both my children so organizing should come easy. No excuses for you! Get moving!


Your Mother Who Isn't Too Good To Bribe


Dear Self,

It's totally okay that you are "that" mom. What matters is that your daughter is eating vegetables better these days. Sprinkling a little Parmesan cheese on everything isn't really that bad. Relax! Enjoy that she is eating vegetable.... it may not last long!


The Better Half Of You


Dear Girl In The Store,

I have to say, your little grown up fit was pretty amusing. The fact that you were upset that you got a little wet from walking in the rain is funny. Do me a favor, how about go watch the news for a few minuets though. Do you think Japan feels like throwing a little fit right now? Grow up... you will dry. Your "problems" are nothing compared to 80% of the worlds.


Rolling My Eyes


Dear God,

No words can describe how happy I am! THANKS times a million!


Amazed At Your Grace


Shana said...

Love your letters! Parmesan..ketchup it's all good lol.

Rachel said...

Ahh yes, at least she's getting her calcium!

And I am about to pee my pants in excitement about how good God is ;) I cannot wait for the details :) And I'm royally overusing the smilies, but you'd understand if you could see my face right now! :) :) :)

YAY GOD!!!!!!!

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

Love to read your letters too :) THanks for sharing them.

Heather said...

Hahahaha, why so happy friend? :)

Foursons said...

My kids switch off being brats. And the one who is not currently being a brat will try to brown-nose his way into being the favorite. Hahahaha

Parmesan cheese on veggies? Go for it! If it would make my kids eat them I'd do it for sure!

The rain girl cracks me up. If only that were my biggest problem.

Glad to hear God is working things out for you. Awesome.

Thanks for linking up!

Tiffany said...

Ok. Are you purposely dragging this out just to torture Rachel and I? BECAUSE IT'S WORKING!!!! I want to scream & jump up and down & cry & do all that stuff for you! SPILL THE BEANS ALREADY!!!!!

And I am so there with you on the childish hissy fits. People need to learn to look beyond their own noses.

Sam said...

All you added is Parmesan?! Seriously, you're doing a GREAT job getting them to eat if that's all you have to add! :)

LOVE your letter to God. It's so nice to see someone who's happy and not afraid to give {at least some of} the credit to The Big Guy. Yay for you!

Sharde said...

just found your blog today- love it! your family is beautiful!

come and visit me at :)

Emmy said...

Cheese, ranch dressing, whatever it takes-as long as they are eating vegetables is all good.

That is too funny about that lady.

HeatherOz said...

Oh yeah, ketchup helps anything go down at our house! Whatever works!
And I am with Rachel and Tiffany! What up?!