Saturday, March 26, 2011

Here You Go... Even Though You Didn't Ask For It

So my doctors appointment went well. Luckily, there are no signs of disc problems or skeletal issues. All I have is a bit of a muscle tear. day by day I am feeling less pain. The limited mobility is the most irritating part right now. I want to be able to move like normal again.

The doctor ordered me to give my back good rest for about a week and gave me a list of stretches to do everyday. Oh darn.... a week of rest. Whatever shall I do? (enter sarcasm here)

It is easier said than done for a stay at home mom though. Some things are necessary and just can't be avoided. I am staying out of the yard. Have I mentioned I am not an outside person? Well I am not. But, I like to have a yard I can be proud of. When I hurt my back we were in the middle of tackling our horrendous yard. So even though I am not a huge fan of yard work, I desperately want to get out there and finish what we started. In time we will finish.

Something else came up while I was at the doctor. For a week or so I had this weird feeling, a feeling I only get while ovulating or if I am pregnant. Apparently I also have that same feeling when I have a kidney infection. So no, I'm not pregnant... I just have yet another kidney infection. I am a bit flustered by this. I have kept a bladder infection for nearly 2 years now. During Jayce's pregnancy I had chronic bladder infections. After having him, my bladder infections turned into kidney stones, which then turned into kidney infections.

So why is this not going away? What in the world is wrong with me? I am worried that by the time I hit 30 I will need a kidney transplant or something! Pregnancy can kind of "crimp" your tube, so to speak, which can cause you to not be able to empty your bladder completely. This leaves yucky urine in your tube that then gets infected. So how do I know if that is the problem? If that is the problem, how do we fix it?When I go back for my follow up visit in 3 weeks I will be ready to ask some hard questions. I want to know how to fix this, not just stop it for a month or so.

In the midst of this, Lula Mae ran a fever of 102 for about 24 hours. She was so pitiful looking. She was slurring her words and wasn't making any since. Her little body was so hot, but she was covered in chills. I was one worried Mommy. So we have been giving her Tylenol and watching her closely. The day that I had my appointment, she had one as well. The doctor said all looked fine. No ear infections, no stomach bug, lungs sounded fine. I am pretty certain that the crazy pollen count got to her. Her body is giving us some signs of allergies today, but the fever has been controlled. Or at least it was until after her nap, at what point it shot up to 103.5. Yeah, she looked scary. So I hope that she is feeling better tomorrow :-(

So folk, there you go. There is my TMI post, and it is just for you! Aren't you lucky?


Brandi said...

It sucks when your body won't do what you want it to. I hope you're feeling 100% soon!

I hope Lula Mae feels better too! :)

Rachel said...

I am so sorry you are hurting! And kidney trouble SUCKS. Itty Bit inherited my kidney yucks, so I know how worrisome it can be.

And so sad about Lula Mae not feeling well!

Both of you get better quick!

Tiffany said...

Blech! You all NEED to get better! You are on your way to Disney soon!

Hoping & praying you all get better soon - I would totally volunteer to do your yard work if we lived closer - I love it!

Michelle said...

Hope you all are feeling better! Have a good Monday.