Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just For You Rachel!

My buddy Rachel posted about some interesting things her sweet Itty Bitty had said, so to make her feel better I feel the need to share a quick story with you.

Would you like to know the first words Lula Mae said to me the other morning? Here is how
our conversation went....

Mommy, you're fat.

No I'm not Lula Mae. That isn't very nice to say!

Oh, but you do look kinda fat though.

Okay, you can leave now.

Later, while I was gone, she had another encouraging conversation with her Daddy.

(Charlie was getting dressed)

Daddy you're fat.

No I'm not.... YOU'RE FAT!!!

No Daddy, I'm not fat. But you are fat!

So who is in need of a little bit of diet motivation? Just come to our house! Lula Mae is handing out "You're Fat" ' s like they are going out of style! She is just the sweetest, isn't she?

Little rascal!

So don't worry Rachel... kids will just say some of the most horrible things! Girls too... not just boys! And please let me clarify that we have never told Lula Mae she was fat, nor do we tell each other that we are fat so I have no idea where she got that from! No clue!


Tiffany said...

Well, you definitely got the sassy part of her photo description right! What a 'tude! Sounds like she was just trying to pick a fight. Mine make comments on my zits. Like I needed help seeing them... sigh...

Brandi said...

LOL! My boys like to point out my squishy belly a/k/a baby tent. Um, thanks... I know it's there.

Regina said...

So funny--just wait until they are 9 and 10 and learning how to be jokesters.

"Mom," Eden said, "do you know that you have an extremely large amount of gray hair?" "OOh look I used a vocabulary word!-extremely"(proceeds to spell it)
She was actually being very innocent wanting to know where they all came from---LOL gotta love kids.

HeatherOz said...

Hahaha! She IS a little rascal. A funny one though. Ashton asked me the other day if he could have my car when I died. Sweet!

Heather said...

My favorite part about this post is that it come directly after the Spring treats post... ;)

Rachel said...

I was already giggling (in empathy), then I read Heather's comment and cracked up again!

That girl is gonna be trouble! Though I think kids that age equate BIG (as in tall, grown-up) with FAT. At least that's what I tell myself when Itty Bit calls me fat. Ouch.

That is just too funny - glad you can laugh at it! :) Thanks for making me feel better!

Emmy said...

Yes I have heard many comments from my kids about my stomach that it should be more than enough motivation...but well...not so much happening on that front

Shana said...

Just so happy right now that Blaze has no clue about fat lol. She is cute though!