Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Weeping Angel

The preschoolers at church did a little Christmas play last year. They had no lines (thank goodness!) and basically just had to walk on stage and sit or stand in their respective places. It was a live nativity done while listening to a Christmas version of Mary Had A Little Lamb. It was precious. Lula Mae was an angel (fitting, huh?). It was close to perfect. So what went wrong? Oh just guess. Just guess which child showed out? Yep. Mine. Just mine.

Enter the weeping angel.

Okay, she isn't crying right here. She only cried while she circled around baby Jesus in the manger. Weeping, completely sobbing on stage. Sigh.

The good news... we have 2 services. Sure she choked during service 1, but service 2 went smooth. You think she had stage fright don't you? Nope she was crying because one of the other angels did not want to hold her hand backstage... my girl, the bossy drama queen. Perhaps next year will go a little better. Oh and don't you worry, we captured Lula Mae's star performance on tape so she can relive it over and over again ;-) As soon as I load it to the computer I will be sure to share it with you all!

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Taylor said...

She was my FAVE! Loved it :)