Thursday, January 26, 2012

Letters Of Intent

Wow, it is Friday already! Have anything you need to get off your chest, in letter form? Write your letter, grab Julie's Letter of Intent button and play along! Easy Friday posts are the BEST!!!

Dear Taxes,



Not A Procrastinator When It Comes To A Refund


Dear Weather,

I need more sunlight than 10 hours of sunlight per week. Literally this is a very serious situation. Please, please, please..... take all this rain and break it up into manageable increments! I would love some SUNLIGHT! Thanks in advance.


Winter Is Not My Fave


Dear Hubster,

Bones is a pretty good show, I'll give you that. I won't tell you that you can't watch it at night seeing as I have already limited your nightly TV choices. However, please tell me you are having CRAZY dreams about solving murders? No? Just me? Okay then. Carry on watching then.


Your Crazy Wife


Brandi said...

SNORT! Love the first one! Mine are done too... take THAT IRS. LOL. ;)

E said...

Lol! I totally have crazy dreams after watching Criminal Minds at night. One time I dreamed that Quincy pulled a dead body out of a giant cave in our back yard. Random, huh??

Foursons said...

We're still waiting on all our W-2's, or is it 4's? I don't know, but whatever it is we don't have them all yet. But I want my refund too. And in a timely manner. Thankyouverymuch IRS.

You need to come to where I live. We are having BEAUTIFUL weather right now. It just can't get any more perfect than what we have right now. But in a few months I'll be wanting to go to where you live.

I've never seen Bones but I try to avoid shows that make me dream about crazy murders. I prefer Frasier reruns.

Thanks for linking up!!!!