Monday, January 16, 2012


Our bank account is not loaded. We don't have a savings account for the "what if's" in life because God has proven to my husband and I, over and over again, that He always provides.

We have enough.

My closet is not busting at the seams. It is conservative, to say the least. I can't go more than about 3 days without doing laundry because I would be out of pants to wear.

I have enough.

My phone is anything but smart. It can't give me directions, tell me when the movie starts or recommend a good restaurant. It can call people and text them. End of story.

It is enough.

We don't have 3000 channels to watch. There isn't a game on anytime you feel like watching one. Our little Roku gives us lots of family friendly options.... FREE.

It is enough.

Our pantry is not exploding with choices. We plan basic meals and eat what we have. We don't try fancy recipes because they cost way too much money to prepare. Our freezer is not exactly stocked, but we have plenty to eat.

We have enough.

In this society, we are looked at as "odd". We are not all about the latest technology craze, we don't care that our clothes are well worn and are not exactly in style, we don't mind that our meals are not gourmet. We have enough. The world does not know when to say when.... but we do. We are learning at least. We are learning to say "No, that is not necessary.". Life is complicated and overly full of things. We are trying our hardest not to get sucked into that life. We like our life just the way it is. We are fighting to stay simple. We are blessed to have enough. We don't want our life to make since to the world, we want it to make since to God.

He is enough.

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Emmy said...

Happiness- you have more than enough, as you have learned what matters most and are able to let go of the unnecessary.