Saturday, January 7, 2012


Life these days has seemed hard. I feel like I am in a very deep, dark hole trying to dig my way out with a spoon. I have been focusing on so much stress around me.... until I read Rachels past few posts.

And then perspective slapped me in the face.

Followers, lurkers, dear bloggy friends... Rachel and Mr. Daddy need your prayers. As I sit around and mope about how tough my life is.... they are actually going through things that are worthy of crying. You can read about it here. Although, I know most of you are already followers of hers and are already praying for them.

We look at our own lives too much a majority of the time, and get caught up in how tough it is. Until we get a glimpse of what tough really is. My flesh is so selfish that it has trouble looking past me and my problems. I am praying that I can see the bigger picture. I don't want to be so selfish that I stay wrapped up in my problems, that are far from actual problems.

Do me a favor and head over to Once Upon A Miracle and leave some encouragement for this amazing family. Lift them up in prayer. Do whatever you can to help them get through this.

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