Thursday, January 19, 2012

Letters Of Intent

It has been quite a while since I joined in for some Letters Of Intent fun, so here we go....

Dear 2012,

You gotta slow down! My goodness I am trying to catch my breath! Also, I need May to stay in the distance for a while. There is just sooooo much going on in May! So do me a favor and put in the breaks. That would be fantastic.


Where Is The Pause Button?


Dear Jayce,

I am stoked that you are talking more these days. Your little man voice is so adorable. However, could we please erase the words "no" and "mine" and "go away" thankyouverymuchlulamae from your repertoire? Those phrases just are not as cute as you are. I think it is hilarious that instead of saying "yes" you say "sure". Cutie patootie!


Your Mommy Who Enjoys Communicating With You


Dear Mother In Wal-Mart,

Hello, your child has chicken pox! Could you NOT bring him to Wal-mart? I mean, that seems like the logical thing to do to me. Just saying, my kids don't get every vaccine they try to shove at us so it would be nice if you kept your incredibly contagious child home. And bragging about the fact that he has the chicken pox? Odd to say the least.


Momma Who Is Not A Fan Of Sick Kids


julie in memphis said...

Chicken pox mama... seriously???? I don't know if I could have been nice to her. I might have shook her hand and said "It's nice to meet you, I have ebola." Sheesh!

Foursons said...

Yay, I'm so glad you joined in this week! You're my only link-up so you get the gold-star. *grin* (I'm just not ready to give this up yet, ya know?)

I hear ya on the 2012 thing. I can't believe we're almost through January already. It needs to slow down because I have to pay property taxes and I just plain don't wanna.

I had to laugh at the new vocabulary Jayce is using. Since I had two teenagers and two little ones all kinds of interesting things came out of their mouths. Still do actually. I had to explain to all 4 of them that "douche" is not an acceptable word to be using. *sigh*

And that woman in Walmart?! She should be slapped severely around the face and head. Holy smokes Batman! What a...ok, I just said the boys couldn't use that word, but honestly- is there a better one?

Thanks again for linking up!

Emmy said...

What the? Why would she be bringing her kid the store and bragging about it?? That is just weird. And yes, this year really is already going too fast

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

Chicken pox in public? Really? Some people! We have not done any vaccines with my Princess yet, but beginning to consider a few now that she is older and interacting with children every where we go.