Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My 2012 Resolutions

The more blogs I read, the more I realize most people really hate new years resolutions. I get it, I mean, you make them and then don't keep up with them and then... you fail. Who likes failing? No one likes to fail. However I am a firm believer that goals keep you grounded and focused. I am one who needs goals. I need that "keep your eye on the prize" effect. So this is me saying I really like resolutions, a lot. I make them each year and actually keep up with them through the year. I still fail sometimes, but I still feel like I have tried. So for all you "I refuse to make resolutions that I don't intend to keep"... here are mine! I may be the only person left who makes resolutions, but I don't care.

My 2012 Resolutions

*Financial Goals*

- Increase debt payoff
- Pay off one debt by December
- Continue to work on living debt free
- Plan ahead this year an be prepared for for holidays, taxes, change of seasons for new clothes for the kids, etc.

*Spiritual Goals*

- Find an accountability partner
- Memorize 1 verse per month
- Commit to walking up an hour before the kids for longer quiet time
- Pray for others more

*Other Goals*

- Encourage someone everyday
- Show grace towards my kids
- Set a better example of Christ for my kids
- Be joyful in all things

A few other blogs I read did this thing where they replaced resolutions with a word. It's neat really. You pick one word to help describe how you want your year to be. I like that! So, along with my resolutions I want to pick a word to help me stay on target this year.

My word is: Content.

Amazing when you think that one word can really impact your year. I am excited for 2012. God could do some amazing things this year, and I hope He uses me!

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