Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Plan For Jayce

You all know Jayce and everything that has been going on with him. He has it rough for such a little guy and my heart breaks for him too often for a mommas liking. Luckily my friend Sarah from Clay In His Hands has given me insight into a new treatment plan for Jayce.

Hazelaid products are a natural way to help relieve different ailments. From teething pain, constipation, eczema, nausea.... among others! This is a family owned business and you can click here to read their story.

Sarah has been using the Hazelaid products on some of her children for a while now and has seemed very satisfied with the results. So I researched the company, read the reviews and then I contacted the company and told them Jayce's story. They have been so helpful in helping me come up with the best way to help Jayce.

There is something in it for all of you too! If you are looking to try one of their products on yourself or a little one in you life, you can use the code Chaos10 at check out and get 10% off of your order! I just ordered Jayce a necklace made of the Hazelwood and Amber beads AND some Hazelwood-Zinc Ointment to pair with it.

After my package arrives I will test these products on Jayce for 2 months before posting a review. After that I will be having a giveaway! I am excited to try this for Jayce. Lately his skin has been so bad that he screams when I put anything on him, even water. I am very optimistic about these wonderful products!

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Brandi said...

I hope this works for him!

Have you tried just Crisco? My ped's office has told us to use it if the kids have any rashy areas or skin problems. Sounds weird, but they swear by it. BB has eczema... it helps, but he doesn't like anything on his skin so I have to sneak it on there when he's tired or already asleep.

Also, my friend, Kari, makes all-natural skin products. She's on Etsy and FB and it's called Glowing Mama. I've used her stuff and it definitely helped too.

Hopefully the stuff you ordered will work - poor little guy has had a rough time (and you too). Hang in there!