Tuesday, October 5, 2010

True Story Tuesday

Let's go back...... way back....... back to spring of this year.....

It was a nice day outside so Charlie and I decided to take Lula Mae out and about. There is a neat place in our town that has a train you can ride, animals you can feed, swings, a slide, fields you can roam. It's always quiet, always nice. (Heather I can almost feel you getting excited at the story I am about to tell.... you're laughing already and I haven't even started!)

I was roughly 8 months pregnant, perhaps a little less. Needless to say, I was bag. Quite round with lovely swollen ankles. We all walked down to the little pier to see the fish. Lula Mae was really enjoying herself. She though the fish were neat. Then she saw the ducks.

How exciting! We love ducks!

Oh look they are swimming our way! They are honking like crazy! Why are they flapping their wings like that?

Hey look, they are gonna come and see us on the pier!

Wait.... why are they running? Why are they honking?

(Charlie quickly picks Lula Mae up and begins to get away from the pier)

Get away duck! Ouch! (I begin running) It's biting my ankle. Ouch! Stop! Babe get it! Make it stop chasing me!

(Picture me, big and pregnant, running up a hill, screaming like a little girl, trying to get away from two evil ducks.... all while Charlie is laughing his head off.)

Finally I got up to the covered picnic area (still being chased, by the way), rushed into the bathroom and locked the door. ('cause the ducks are gonna try and open the door and all!).

As I stood there, out of breath, terrified.... I could still here them right outside the door. I waited a few seconds. I peaked out the door. Oh good, they are walking away.

Here come Charlie, holding Lula Mae, laughing hysterically. He literally was standing like 3 feet away from the ducks the whole time. They cared nothing about him. They were after me.

Why? I have no clue. Why we didn't have a video camera is the real question! That was our $10,000 video folks, and we missed it. Geeze! I can tell you one thing, duck meat tastes pretty good. No, I didn't eat those ducks, but I have had duck before. And I did kinda want those ducks dead..... sorry ducks, but it isn't nice to chase pregnant women!

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Tiffany said...

You know, I have a gun for that. ;)

Bad ducks. And bad Charlie for laughing! That's not nice.

Kelly said...

Bad Charlie for not stopping the crazy ducks from chasing his wife (and unborn child!)

That's kinda funny though!

Rachel said...

No way!!!

I thought I was the only one that fowl like to attack! I even blogged about it twice!

And ducks pinch hard - not nice! Especially to pregnant women. And for shame on Charlie for laughing instead of loading the bird gun!

Hee hee! Thanks for linking up!

Heather said...

Why oh why wasn't I there?

I think they liked you cause you waddled like them, ha!