Thursday, October 21, 2010

Letters Of Intent

Happy Friday bloggy friends! I hope you all had fabulous weeks and are looking forward to a great weekend! First though, lets enjoy some wonderful Letters Of Intent, hosted by the super fantastic Julie! Be sure to swing by her blog and fill up your laugh tank!

Dear Hydrangea,

We had to dig you up. You just didn't make it. I promise we did everything we could. I really am sorry. To help us grieve your loss, we replaced you with a pretty yellow rose. I am crossing my fingers that I don't kill it too..... I mean that it doesn't randomly die too. for no particular reason. But, we all know I could kill kudzu.... so it isn't looking good for the pretty little thing. You may see it soon, in plant heaven!


Your Owner Who Is Still VERY Sorry That I Killed You


To Anyone In The Television Industry,

Really? It can't get much worse at this point. Vanilla Ice flipping houses? Oh wait, there is worse.... Southern Fried Stings... on TrueTV. Number one, how can a fake show be on "TrueTV" it seems impossible. Number two, the rest of the world already things southerners are dumb as dirt.... there really is no need to create a show that portrays us as utter morons. That show is actually a little bit worse than Operation Repo. Is there any way that you could come up with some shows that don't cause people to lose brain cells? I mean, anything? And we wonder what is wrong with young people today!


Waiting For My Contract to Run Out So We Can Get Rid Of Idiotic Television


Dear Hubster,

After the experience last night at Lowe's I am quite worried about leaving today. Please try not to leave Jayce somewhere. I know he is new to our family, but HE'S YOUR SON! While I am away, try not to misplace one of our offspring, would ya? That would be fantastic! I'm excited to enjoy this tip, but I am slightly nervous to leave. No seriously, I know you will do a fantastic job! I am gonna miss you guys very much! Be good!


Your Wife Who Is Never Gonna Let You Live This Down


Rachel said...

Ohmylord - you totally have to explain that last one! I would be petrified if my kiddo get unattached from me!

Tiffany said...

tehehehehe! I am totally giggling at your hubby! He really left him somewhere? Although I am not much better. I left Madi at a friends house when she was a newborn - stuck her in her carseat in their bedroom for her nap, then got in my car & left. Oops.

Heather said...

Oh Charlie. I feel like this is worthy of an explanation.


deepintheheartoftexas2 said...

I saw the commercial where Vanilla Ice was going to have a show ugh! I don't blame you for wanting to end cable.

You Hubby left your son, that is a story begging to be told.

Foursons said...

Yup, more detail is needed on that last letter!

Good luck w/the roses, they may not grow well until the spring.

Thanks for linking up!

HeatherOz said...

Ok, wait! Your hubby forgot Jayce somewhere? Please explain!