Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monday Mugs

Monday is here! Happy Columbus Day everyone! I am super happy that the Hubster is off today because we had a busy weekend. We need a day off! Okay, he needs a day off, I just enjoy having him around. Off we go with Monday Mugs, be sure to pop in and check out more at Oswald Cuties.

This weeks theme is: Orange

Picking pumpkins with Lula Mae

Lula Mae's first pumpkin!

Lula Mae's pumpkin pajamas!


Rachel said...

So cute! Enjoy your day off together!

HeatherOz said...

Look at little baby Lula Mae! Without her little curls! So so darling! I LOVE Halloween jammies!
Thanks for playin' along today!
Happy Columbus Day to you!
Enjoy your extra day with your hubby! I'm trying to talk DaddyO in to calling in sick!

Regina said...

Oh my how she has grown--what is she going to be for Halloween--and Jayce--I am just dieing to know.
Eden is dressing up as an 80s pop star and Ian is going as a mummy:-)I am tearing strips of a cream bed sheet and dieing it with tea, wish me luck.

Emmy said...

Love her expression in that second picture, too funny.

Angie Vik said...

Sweet pictures. Kids in pumpkin patches make for the cutest pictures.