Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Me In All My Forrest Gump Glory

So, I love Forrest Gump. All-time-favorite-movie. I mean, I am borderline in love at an unhealthy level. That being said, I feel the need to share with you some of my favorite pictures from our trip to Savannah.

Here I am standing where Forrest Gump's infamous bench once sat. I was super excited to get this picture! I may or may not have forced Heather to put herself in harms way to get this photo. She may or may not have had to stand in the road to get this shot. She may or may not have had to stand on two separate street corners to try to get a better shot..... I'm just being hypothetical. Perhaps someday I will learn to suck in when full body pictures are being taken!

As you can tell, they have changed the area quite a bit. Then again, Forrest Gump is 16 years old. Google

This is the steeple that they dropped the feather off of in the movie.
Can you see what a gorgeous day it was while we were touring such a lovely city!

This is me, looking like a dork. Please excuse my excited face. it really isn't the best look, but I just couldn't hold back. Why? Well, in the visitors center museum they have the bench from Forrest Gump. Now, we were too cheap to buy tickets to go through the museum, so I just stood at the gate and drooled. And obviously took fantastically dork-ish pictures. You have too really look through the gate, into the darkness, to even see the bench.

You may can see it better here, I cropped myself out so that I wasn't so distracting. It may help. Notice there were ropes around the bench too. Had they allowed you to sit on the bench I would have paid the money to go in! In a skinny minuet!

So, there are all my Forrest Gump pictures. Oh don't worry, there are real pictures to come. I promise! I will try not to add captions to the next post. That way you can just browse through and see the beauty without me adding my 2 cents to everything.

Happy hump day bloggy buddies!


Heather said...

I promise you...if you post those pictures of me I am coming for you. I will take you down - bloggy style.

PS - you never have to bribe me to keep your kids. You may have to bribe me not to...

Tiffany said...

Well that was a great as a box of chocolates. By the way, you are stinkin cute when you make your excited face.

Emmy said...

It has been forever sine I have seen that movie, it is a great one.

HeatherOz said...

Why did they move his bench off of the street? Oh I know. They wanted you to pay money to sit on it!
I love that movie too!