Wednesday, October 6, 2010

House Rules

After our last behavior incident, I decided it was time to post some house rules. I know, we should have had them posted long ago, but I'm a slacker. Ok, I'm really not a slacker. I just haven't sat down long enough to think out what rules were "postable" for Lula Mae's age. You try to sit down and think of just a few simple rules, that a child can understand and cover all the basis. It's tougher than I thought! So, after about 45 minuets of brainstorming, I came up with these:

Bell House Rules

1. Listen and obey Mommy and Daddy, and other adults
2. Play nicely, share and treat others the way you want to be treated.
3. Keep your things neat and clean.
4. Be helpful to others. Always be joyful about serving others.
5. Always use your manners and be respectful of others and their belongings.
6. Never argue, complain, or blame. Do all things with a smile on your face and joy in your heart.
7. Never hit, kick, throw, bite, yell, whine or fight. Always try to be like Christ.
8. Ask God to help you follow His rules and our family rules every day.

Always practice JOYJesus first, Others second, Yourself last.

Originally I wanted to keep it to 5 rules. That was impossible. I just couldn't get all of that in 5 rules. So we have 8. We actually have more, but I consider those "guidelines". We will keep our rules posted in the playroom for all to see. I will also be posting a bible verse with each of them (maybe not #3.... unless someone can find me a verse about being clean! That would be fabulous!). Our "guidelines will be printed out and framed. They will probably be hung in the living room or kitchen area, somewhere that we will all see them daily.

What do you think about our rules? Do you and your family have rules? Are they posted? How do you enforce them? I would love to know! I love to hear how other Christan parents deal with discipline!


Rachel said...

Love the JOY rule!

We don't have ours posted, but there are some pretty clear rules in our home. And believe it or not, we have one for "inside voices"! (I mean, isn't that ironic considering that Mommy is profoundly deaf?)

Obedience is a big one at this age... and obedience while using a nice voice and a nice face is even bigger! :)

Heather said...

Great rules! I love the JOY acronym. I will have to think about a verse for cleaning and being neat though...maybe one about respect?

Brandi said...

We have rules, but they aren't posted.

I've found that you have to hit 'em where it hurts... which, for my guys, means taking away privileges (i.e., video games, toys, play dates, staying up till 8:30, etc.). Time outs never did the trick - it was too exhausting to keep putting them back in time out (I don't care what that Nanny person says, it's just too much work) and spanking doesn't do anything but make me feel like dirt, so I don't do it.

It's never too early to add NO. FAMILY. BUSINESS. to that list. Especially if either of your little ones turns out to be a big time talker. LOL! Bubba talks non-stop and he will tell ALL our family's private matters to the clerk at the grocery store. 'NO FAMILY BUSINESS' has become a buzz-word of sorts - I say it whenever we are fixin' to get out of the car and go in somewhere so he doesn't forget! :D

Regina said...

Our rules are:

Listen is a given in our house because we know it is the root to all the rules--listen for God when you pray, listen enables you to care which leads to love,listen to obey, listen for honesty, and listen for cleanliness. If you don't use your ears-nothing else will work:-)at least that's how we look at it. I love your rules that are perfect for Lula's age! way to go!!