Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten Things

Today I am linking up with Emmy Mom- One Day at a Time for her Ten Things To Smile About. If you had a month worth reliving, or even if you didn't, write your list and link up!

Ten Things To Smile About This Month

1. Watching the movie Fireproof with my husband (finally!)

2. Seeing my kids starting interact with each other and watching their love for each other grow.

3. The birthday bash for my Husband and Mom.... I rocked and got them both awesome gifts! That is pretty tough for me!

4. Lula Mae's first french braid pigtails.

5. Having a picnic lunch at Daddy's office.

6. Falling in love with two great shopping spots in a neighboring town! Both with super great deals!

7. Seeing Lula Mae do so well with 'school'. She knows her "big name" (Llewellyn Marie Bell) now, her right from her left, how to read the days of the week, and is reading better and better each day!

8. Jayce being able to sit up in the exosaucer and play. I love seeing him transform into a happy little boy!

9. Out first family beach trip with some wonderful pictures and memories.

10. Seeing God work in my family and knowing that He is not done yet.


Emmy said...

Great list! Love that last picture. Isn't Fireproof amazing? I wish there was more movies out there like that.

Thanks so much for linking up

Tiffany said...

Ok, now that's a fun month's worth of stuff! I love the beach photo.

LaVonne said...

I like this list too ;)

Don't you just love the movie Fireproof?

I like the you tube video too. So cute!

Regina said...

love the ten things--think I will do that at the end of October:-)Lula is so wonderfully smart. Oh how Jayce has grown--you now have your own set of mini me's Lula look s like u and Jayce looks like Charlie:-)

HeatherOz said...

Aw, such a great month! I LOVE the french-braid pig tails! So cute!