Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who Loves A Good Deal?

I love a good deal! It makes me happy to even save .10! No joke! If I can save a few cents here, a few cents there I am thrilled! Lots of people look at how I save money and say, "well for that small of a savings it seems like too much work. It can't really be worth it.". To each his own I guess. My thought process on it is that if I take all those ways to save a little bit of money, then they will add up to be a big savings! So all my "little" things turn into a HUGE savings at the end of the month! Plus, my husband works very, very hard so that I am able to stay home and take care of our children. It is my duty to make his money go as far as it possibly can.

My friend Heather and I had been wanting to go check out this place called "Dented Deals" in a town close to ours. So on Friday we set off on a money saving adventure! I will say, we had to check some expiration dates, but other than that it was great. I don't mind one bit if the package is crunched or ripped or dirty! I will buy it just the same... only WAY cheaper! Here is what I got....

St. Ives face wash $1.85 / covered in soap
Pull Ups $5.99 / package was taped up but none missing
Overnight Diapers $6.35 / package was taped up but none missing

All of these prices are much cheaper than what I would have paid at Wal-Mart. Even with coupons! I was pretty happy!

Rice $2.99 / dented
Dukes $2.39 / label was torn (notice that it is a GIANT jar!!!)
Granola Bars $1.25 / dented
Peaches $.99 / packaging taped up
Applesauce $.85 / packaging taped up
Ritz Crackers $.50 / one month past date

Salad Dressing $.50

This was the deal of all deals! Biltmore salad dressing for less than $1.00!!!! That is CRAZY!!!! If you don't know what Biltmore is.... shame on you!!! Get to Googling!!!!

Well Heather also wanted to take me to a neat little place run by Mennonites called The Pantry. Folks, I am in love. Deep, deep love! The atmosphere was great, for one thing. It was so nice and tidy. So peaceful and quiet (other than my daughter who talks non stop). The have homemade anything! Organic and natural galore! It really was neat and I will be shopping there once a month for a few things! I have to say, the prices are what I loved the best! Look at what I got...

Spinach Pasta $2.21
Italian Seasoning $.82
Whole Wheat Flour $2.53 (3.95 lbs.)
Carob Drops $2.80 (1.3 lbs.)
Flax Seed Meal $1.92 (1 lb.)
Fresh Sour Dough Bread $2.75

The bread was to die for folks. Really, some of the best bread I have ever had. The spices are so cheap you jaw would drop! And I can't wait to make some healthier muffins and pancakes with my flax seed and whole wheat flour! I am telling you, I could live back in the old days no problem!

I encourage you to search for local shops like these in your area. Find out where you can get local, homemade products. Find out where you can get grass feed beef, organic eggs and milk. Not only is it better for you, but it supports local business. It is also lots more fun than shopping at Wal-Mart. You will find some really neat things at shops like this. Stuff you would never see in any Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target or Bi-Lo. I promise!

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Regina said...

the Pantry sounds really neat-hopefully we will be back soon and you can take me there