Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Saving On Shaving!

I must admit, I have been keeping something from you. It's a biggie too. I am so sorry that I have neglected to tell you about my fantastic money saving product. I have to say, I am a pretty big skeptic. I never believe all the "as seen on TV" stuff. I think it is all junk and just somebody trying to get rich. I mean come on, Mighty Putty? Really? (sorry to anyone who bought Mighty Putty!!!!) Well, after Christmas Charlie and I were walking around Walgreens and saw the "as seen on TV" section so we stopped by to laugh at all the over priced junk. And then, it happened.

There is was.

Staring us in the face with a discounted price we couldn't resist.

Should we try it?

Would we really use it?

Could it really work?

Well since we had some extra Christmas money we decided to buy it.

Yep we bought...................

Yes folks, we are the proud owners of the Save A Blade. My hubby is a military man so he shaves at least 5 days a week.... on drill weekend it jumps up to 7. Needless to say, we go through a lot of blades! Plus, although not very often, I shave too. So that is 2 adults buying razor blades. We both can't use cheap disposables so we have to spend a little more on nicer cartridges.

So, want to know how long I used one blade? 6 months! Yep! Half of a year on one blade! It really was amazing! That is savings folks! On average I would spend about $170 on blades (just for me!) a year. Now I spend roughly $14.00! I can last an entire year on one box of refills! WOW!

But here is the thing.... It didn't work so great for Charlie. I am not sure sure it is a great buy for men since they are shaving their face. The skin on my legs is much tougher than the skin on a mans face, I am sure of that! But Charlie can sharpen his blade once with the Save A Blade and get at least 3 more shaves out of a razor. So I guess It cuts down a little bit on his part.

Overall, I say this product works.... for us. I can't say it will be great for you, but it may be worth a shot! We save A LOT with it! Lots of people say it is junk and it doesn't work at all. I think it depends on your skin, really. If you have a few extra bucks in your budget, you may want to invest in a Save A Blade, just to give it a shot! You never know until you try, right? Plus if you don't like it you can always sell it on ebay :-) If you put "free shipping" somebody will buy it, I promise!

One more tip for saving on shaving.... look around at different stores for "off brand" razors and refills. I just bought Charlie a razor from Food Lion (Healthy Choice brand) that is the same thing as a Gillette Fusion razor. The only difference is that the refills are only $5.99 for 4, instead of $14.99 for 4. It makes a big difference in our budget! The only thing Charlie doesn't like about the new razor is that it doesn't have a "trimming blade" on the end of it. You know, the fancy blade on the back of the razor that they use to get up close to their nose and stuff? So, he misses that, but that is his only complaint so far! So go shop around for a cheaper solution that will work for you and your hubby!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

******I was not paid by anyone to review Save A Blade. I really did try it! My results are only my results, I have no idea how it works for anyone else! Just so you know! ******


LaVonne said...

I had not heard of this. How funny. It is also better for the environment too. I went on a Grocery Game phase over a year ago. Stocked up on a lot of free disposable razors (really nice ones too) and still have not gone through them. Once they get in short supply I will have to look for this product :)

HeatherOz said...

I am always so tempted to buy the As Seen of TV stuff! But I'm always afraid it will never work! Glad to hear a good review of one. We just might have to try this! Thanks!!