Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Days Are Swiftly Passing

Today my hubby is celebrating his 29th birthday. So next year he will be.... 30! Out of our friends we hang out with he will be the first to turn 30... so it is a big deal. (I have to chuckle because I will be the LAST one to turn 30 :-) oh bummer!) Time is moving so quickly these days that I feel like I can hardly catch my breath! I feel as though we just had a birthday bash for him a few months ago! Not only is it Charlies birthday but Jayce is 4 months old today. My boys are growing up!

29 Things I Love About Charlie

1. He treats me like a queen 99.9% of the time
2. He supports me 100% in everything
3. He provides wonderfully for our family
4. He can fix anything!!!
5. He lets us go to Disney World on almost every vacation just because he knows how happy it makes me
6. He trusts me with our finances
7. He used to sing me to sleep
8. He is the most loving father to our children
9. He listens to me complain (even though I shouldn't) and truly cares
10. He believes that distance makes the heart grow stronger... and we have tested that quite a few times
11. He tells some ridiculously funny stories
12. He always tells me dinner is great... even if it is burnt to a crisp
13. He watches all the dumb movies I like even though he couldn't care less about them
14. He never complains about cutting the grass
15. He likes for me to pick the restaurant when we go out to eat
16. He randomly sends me text messages that say "sure do love you babe" all the time
17. He can tell when I need a break
18. He is not into football so I don't have to worry about game days, scores, team paraphernalia, etc.
19. He loves to drive on trips so I don't have to
20. He washes my van so I never have to
21. He can get us out of any bind
22. He gets lost, at least once, on every vacation.... even though we typically go to Orlando every time.... he still get lost. It just wouldn't be vacation if we didn't!
23. He can laugh at himself
24. He has tons of integrity
25. He can't stay mad for more than about 3 minuets
26. He admits when he is wrong or messes up
27. He always blames the Wii remotes and batteries in the Wii board when he does bad on a game.... it's pretty funny.
28. He can clean and cook very well and will step in anytime I need him to
29. He knows I hate emptying the dishwasher and will do it for me anytime I ask, with a smile on his face

I know it is a long list, but quite honestly I could have written about 900 more! I love my Husband so much and I am very lucky to have him in my life. It's not that he has had a tough life, he has just had one of those lives that could be turned into a Lifetime move. I mean, the way we met and how our relationship started could be a two part movie alone! You wouldn't believe me if I told you more than likely! I have seen my Husband change so much over the last 6 years. I have seen God work on him. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

4 Things I Love About Jayce

1. The way you smile every single time you see me, your Daddy or Lula Mae.
2. Listening to you talk to yourself when you wake up in the mornings.
3. Cuddling you any chance I get ( have I mentioned that Lula Mae HATED cuddling?)
4. Hearing your laughs all through out the day. Every single chuckle, belly laugh, giggle and held back squeal make my heart melt!

Jayce, your first year is moving so quick. I am soaking up everything I can so that I can treasure them forever. Your personality is really shining through now. You can roll over from your back to your tummy! Go Jayce! You can roll from your belly to your back... you just choose not to for some reason. Stubborn little guy. You are ready to be on the move and you get frustrated when you realize you can't yet. Slow down son, it will happen soon enough. Your sister can't wait until you can play with her! You love each other so much and it is beautiful to see your relationship grow. I am amazed at how much you look like me. Our baby pictures are scary similar. I think that means you look a little like your Uncle Mark and that makes me smile. These 4 months have had tough times, but for the most part they have been amazing! I love you Jayce!

My life would not be the same without my boys!


Brandi said...

Well, he sounds like a keeper for sure! Especially #18! haha! I think I live with the World's BIGGEST Bama fan! Hope he has a great birthday. Now you should get to writing that 'how we met' story... sounds very interesting! ;)

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fabulous tribute to the special ones in your life! I hope you all had a great day! And onlhy 29?? are still babies!! lol