Thursday, September 16, 2010

Letters Of Intent

Hello Friday! Woo Hoo! Sorry, you have to excuse my extreme excitment. We are leaving for the beach on Monday, but technically our vacation starts tomorrow! WOO HOO! Ok, enough of my shenanigans! Please hop on over to Julie's blog and check out more great letters! Start your weekend off right!

Dear Disney,

You are killing me! Why do you have to make things so dog gone cute! I really am not one to spend money on "stuff". I enjoy a very simple life. Our home is decorated very minimally. It also helps the budget quite a bit to learn to be happy with what you have instead of always needing more. Why, why, why must you make things like this????

Do you hate me? Do you want me to spend all my money on RIDICULOUSLY CUTE THINGS LIKE THIS???? I have never wanted a candy bowl so bad in my life.... a candy bowl! $39.95. I mean I can't spend that kind of money on something so silly.... but that doesn't mean I don't want to! So Disney, if you ever want to see me and my family again you have to stop making such cute Mickey Mouse stuff. Because if I spend all my money on a candy bowl, I won't be able to save up money to come to Disney World for vacation!


The Grown Woman Who Is Addicted To Mickey Mouse And All Mickey Mouse Paraphernalia


Dear Jayce,

My dear boy, your father and I think we finally got it! Trust me, it was tough to figure out. But once our ears stopped bleeding and our pounding headaches subsided we were able to come to the conclusion that you are not fond of car rides. We are now aware that the car is not your favorite spot. My sweet child, we are leaving for the beach on Monday and it is a 4 hour drive. Could you please, for the sake of my sanity, not scream the entire way? Maybe? Please!? You are even stressing out your sister. She keeps telling me, "Jayce is talking too loud Mommy. Way too loud!". We plan on leaving right before nap time. Do us all a favor and sleep. Please? I love you cuddle bug, but we really can't cuddle in the car.


Your Momma Who Is In Need Of Her Vacation


Dear Children,

I would really love a picture of the two of you together on the beach. I am willing to bribe you with basically anything to make this happen. Please cooperate and take a beautiful picture for the woman who carried you for 9 months, birthed you, and has been taking such good care of you. It would really mean a lot to me. Thanks in advance!


The Lady Who Is Willing To Guilt Trip You Into Taking A Fabulous Beach Photo


Rachel said...

Hoping you get some great sibling shots on the beach! And wishing you a blissfully quiet ride there!

Foursons said...

Good luck w/that road trip! Hopefully your careful planning will reward you.

Remember that even if you don't get the perfect picture that sometimes the most unperfect ones end up being our favorites.

Thanks for linking up and good luck w/that Mickey Mouse addiction. :)

deepintheheartoftexas2 said...

Disney makes way too cute of stuff, sigh it is tough! So Sorry, your son doesn't like car rides would music or anything help?

Hope you get some great beach shots! Have fun!

Emmy said...

Candy is always a good picture motivator :). Then when you are taking the picture, say something like I am going to make a cow noise now and then bark or vice versa. Definitely will get them to look and probably even laugh :)

Tiffany said...

Hey look! We're both spending the weekend at the beach! Here's hoping you have a fabulous time!

Brandi said...

Oh girl, Lil' Bub was a car screamer. Ugh. We never went anywhere! I hope your cuddle bug sleeps for ya. Hey, and nothing wrong with bribing them for a good picture! Have a wonderful trip! :)

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh that candy dish is so very cute. I ♥ all things Mickey as well! And bummer about not liking car boys are riders. I hope you have the best time at the beach and get that picture you want...I am a sucker for kids on the beach pictures! Can't wait to see it.

Kmama said...

I hope you are already at the beach and that your ride was peaceful!! Neither of my kids liked riding in the car. We plan to trek from Michigan to N. Carolina this Christmas. I'm already stressing.