Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Baby Boy!

Jayce Moreland Bell

Today is my 23rd birthday and it is time to share the news! We will be naming our little boy Jayce Moreland Bell and for a very special reason. We both love the name Jayce, but we also love the meaning, which is, "God is my salvation". Moreland was my maternal Grandfathers middle name and that makes it very special to me. It is actaully my cousin Eric's (Lula Mae's Uncle Eric) middle name as well. I miss my Granddaddy very much and am very excited to use his name for my son. I know that he is watching over me and my family and I hope this will make him smile. Once you pick a name for your baby everything becomes much more real. I can not believe that we are going to have another baby and that the due date is fast approaching! There are days when I wonder "Why has God chosen us again? Why are we so blessed?". Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for all that He has given me! Charlie and I were so blessed and grateful to be given one baby after our miscarrage in July of 2007, and now two! There are no words to describe how grateful we are to God for the chance to be parents. I pray that we can raise Jayce to be a servant to God and have servants heart. We try very hard to teach Lula Mae to love God and do everything for His Glory and we want to do the same for Jayce. I can't wait to see his little face and see Charlie hold him for the first time! I can't wait to see Lula Maes face when she sees her little brother! I am sure time is going to really fly once Jayce gets here (as if it isn't going fast enough already!) and I am going to cherish every little moment with him that I can!


Laura Joy said...

I love the name and what an awesome meaning behind a solid name. Can't wait to hear the arrival of your new little!

Heather said...

I love it!
Baby Jayce! I'm ready for him. I know you aren't though. And yay for Moreland!

Regina said...

Happy Birthday!!! And what a beautiful name!!!! Great choice!!!

Sarah said...

What a great name. I love the meaning of it. It will be so much fun for Lula Mae to have a little brother...I'm sure she will be so sweet to him!

Happy Birthday Amy!!