Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Love A Good Deal!

Today we went shopping for new shoes for Lula Mae. I have looked several times at The Salvation Army for second hand shoes and am just not satisfied with what I have seen. I have never been able to find any gently used shoes in thrift stores here in Greenwood. I am sure that perhaps in bigger cities with nicer thrift stores it is possible to find nice shoes, but I have just found it impossible here in Greenwood. Charlie and I took Lula Mae to Rack Room this afternoon in hopes of finding something to fit her very wide foot. Well, we were quite successful! Lula Mae is the proud new owner of a pair of pink New Balances! And boy were they a HUGE bargain! The original price of the shoes was $34.99 (I can't believe people really pay that much for a one year old's shoes!). Then they were marked down to $30.00 (Wow, $4.99 off.... no better really.). Then they were marked down to $15.00. We tried them on her and let her walk around the store. They are a size too big, but that is how I prefer to buy shoes for her so that they last longer. They may look a little clunky but she walks just fine in them. We took the shoes to the register only to notice a sign that said "Military Discount 10% Off". YAY! We purchased Lula Mae's new shoes for $14.00 and some change! She was so excited that she wore them out of the store! I love to look at a receipt that shows that you saved more than you spent! I felt like $14.00 was still a little high for shoes, but all the "cheaper" shoes were $20.00. So I guess $14.00 for New Balances is a pretty great deal! Plus, New Balances is one of the only brands that we are able to find wide shoes in. Our poor child just can't squeeze into regular shoes!

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Regina said...

you will love new balance!!! we have to have those for Ian--you can also find deals at Kohls and Marshalls in greenvile!! those are so cute!!!